Let us take the difficulty out of dating by providing you with some of our favourite spots in SoHo. Suitable for a first, second or fiftieth date, each and every one has been tried and tested to give you the very best dating experience.


Vosgues Haut-Chocolat

Introducing a date to a new concept has always worked for us in the past, so let it work for you by taking your date to this avant-garde chocolate haven. Play it safe with praline or jump headfirst into the wealth of unique and diverse offerings Vosgues has to offer such as their curry infused Naga. Alternatively their truffles are world class. Como agua para chocolate. If you catch my drift.

La Compagnie des vons surnaturels

This excellent little wine bar and restaurant will give your date the Parisian boost it needs. Their monthly wine tastings are a must for any wannabe sommeliers, but if you just want to converse with your date over a glass then happy hour at $5 a pop will satisfy that particular want.

Harney & Sons

First Dates Soho 2 of 2In a city fuelled by the coffee bean, sometimes it’s nice to try something a little different. HARNEY & SONS brings the refinement that only be associated with tea to SoHo. The selection is astonishing and the authenticity could only be improved with a spot of rain and a bowler hat. An Englishman’s paradise.


Authentic Spanish cuisine. If the delicate restraint and poise of the French doesn’t do much for you or your prospective date then the fire and passion of the Spaniards will. The cured meats are beyond exquisite and their range and levels of obscurity are staggering. By the end of your meal you’ll wonder whether you’re in SoHo or the Basque Region. On egin!

Soho Photo Gallery

Playing host to some impressive contemporary photographers, we highly recommend taking your date along to SOHO PHOTO GALLERY. Stimulate conversations worth having. The exhibitions are free and open to the public. You can take a look at their upcoming exhibitions here.


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