You’ve bumped into an ex, you’ve forgotten your dates name, you’ve just gone in for the kiss and been rejected. It’s happened to us all, but when it does you just want the earth to swallow you up. Embarrassment is painful, so we’ve decided to help out and provide you with some advice to help reduce that embarrassment and get over whatever happened.


After an embarrassing moment our anxiety goes into overdrive, you’ll feel some pretty strong physical symptoms which will make you feel even worse. Take a few deep breaths to help mitigate those feelings of anxiousness. If you blush, draw attention to it – this is known as ‘unmasking’. Since blushing is a way that your body shows unconscious thoughts and feelings, by acknowledging your blushing there’s no longer any psychological reason for it to go on.


No matter how well you may have handled it initially, you might still be dwelling on whatever happened. It may be difficult, but just forget about it. It happened to you and not them, so therefore they are far less likely to remember it. Your awkwardness might actually remind them of that moment when they’ve all but forgotten it. You shouldn’t let this sort of thing stop you from asking or agreeing to a second date.


The greatest thing you can have is a sense of awareness and self-deprecation. If you can laugh at yourself you’re practically invincible. Doing something embarrassing is funny, and it’s only human to laugh. Laugh at yourself. Rather than bottle it up and get flushed just deal with any embarrassing moments with a sense of humility. You’ll get over it in no time, and your date will probably feel relieved that the embarrassment has passed.


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