Dating someone considerably younger than yourself can seem complicated, but in reality there are only a few things you need to be aware of when considering somebody younger. Here at Ohlala we’ve already thought about this so you don’t have to. Let’s begin.



You may be more worldly, but don’t assume your younger date is uncomprehending. Treat them as your intellectual equal, you can teach them a lot without being patronising. Your wisdom and experience may be part of the reason that your date is interested in somebody older and fulfilling that role will benefit you both.


It will be important early on to be upfront about how your social lives will be affected. That’s not to say you can’t enjoy the same things or that your social life will definitely take a knock, but just be aware that it is common for younger people to want to hang out with their peers rather than you. Of course, if your reason for dating somebody younger is to reclaim some of your youth then this probably exactly what you were hoping for. Late nights and new experiences to give your life a second wind.


In today’s culture of unpaid internships, rising rent prices, poor job markets and general fiscal doom and gloom, it’s hard being young and in all likelihood your date is still figuring things out. You on the other hand may be fortunate enough to have a career and financial security, and given both men and women can make their partners into parental figures it’s important not to become a dominant figure in the relationship – financial or otherwise. Rather than outright support, a non judgemental attitude and a general understanding will go very far in stopping the formation of resentment or worse, reliance.


At the end of the day, dating someone younger is just dating. You’ve had your share of good and bad relationships and a new one has the potential to be either. These tips should just be giving you things to consider rather than creating the blueprint for your next fling with somebody younger.




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