A book doesn’t just have to be paperback fiction, the sheet range and scope of what you can find in print is staggering. You are guaranteed to find something thought provoking based on an interest or hobby your date likes. Vintage copies of National Geographic, collections street photography, limited release poetry chapbooks. You’d have a harder time not being able to find something your date would find interesting. There’s always adult coloring books if they are a dumbass.



Well, I can’t really tell you what to get someone as an inside-joke-themed gift. I’m afraid you’re on your own with this one. What I can tell you however, is an inside-joke gift shouldn’t make as much sense to someone who isn’t your date. Is that clear? I hope that was clear.



This can double up as a date itself, so take your date to a flea market, as they tend to be a good mix of local crafts and random ‘junk’ so there’s a good chance of your date (or you for that matter..) finding something interesting/weird/fun. If they like something, or are indecisive over purchasing something then offer to get it for them. You can be sure they’re going to like it since they picked it out and it’s a gesture that carries a lot more weight than just straight up asking what sort of things they like.



After you’ve been on a date already and observed what types of jewellery they like to wear get them something basic, but thoughtful. A plain chain for a guy, or a cute bracelet for a girl. Vice versa. You can always get them something fancier but if you want to know if you’ve really got it right – get them an ‘everyday’ piece – they’re more likely to wear it often.



A nice bottle of wine. Couple this with a stay-at-home date and you’re on to something. Consumable gifts are nice because they don’t clutter up shelves and you can swill glasses of wine and pretend you’re a sommelier – even though you’re certain that it all tastes like vinegar anyway. (I am not a wine person).


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Call it a cliché but flowers are classic. It is a kind and thoughtful gesture, but can seem antiquated on a first date. Seeming old fashioned  probably isn’t going to hurt your chances in the long run but it’s something you should be aware of and make your own judgement based on what you know about your date already. If you’d rather take the DIY approach you can make one out of paper – handmade gifts will always impress.



Time is important. I would suggest that you present a gift before going out if you’re going somewhere, or as a last thought when parting for the evening. That way it can be an instant upper for the start of the date, or a lasting warm-fuzzy to accompany their thoughts as he or she reflects on the date they just had with you.





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