Many people have strong preconceptions about the words paid dating, but it might be worth your while to check the facts and consider your true motivations before you toss the concept aside.


1. Make it the experience/experiment you want:

On Ohlala, individuals are free to mold their dating experience as they want. Women first see a man’s request before a man can ever view their profile, so the selection process is safe for women from the start. After that, women are free to directly say their expectations, and what happens is only a matter of negotiation and free will. Once on the date you can do as you want because there is no pressure of a commitment, so it can be a great time for self exploration. Imagine testing out different shades of your dating moves or sides of your personality you were too shy to before.

2. Walk a mile in the shoes of:

In our society, there are still various forms of unspoken prejudice towards women, professions and expressions of affection. There is no better way to explore why that is, and whether there is any truth to these ideas, than to safely take a step out of your immediate comfort zone. It’s like they say, you can’t judge a person until you try walking in their shoes, and who knows maybe it will fit your interests better than romance alternatives.

3. Have a steady supplement:

There’s no need to tiptoe around this… the financial side of trying to achieve your dreams, whether it’s as a PhD student, a journalist, an actor or traveling the world can be draining. Getting paid for a social interaction doesn’t have to be such a bad way of supplementing those parts of your life.

4. Venture out of your comfort zone:

Most likely your social circle is full of people who think and act similar to you, however a paid date is a great incentive to take a leap of faith and meet a person you wouldn’t normally approach, just to see another side of life. Perhaps your date’s experience, job or cultural background might inspire you to live life a little differently in the end.

5.  Take charge of your time:

Even when you know what you want, often expressing it in a socially acceptable way can be time consuming. Imagine for example explaining on other dating apps ‘no sorry, it’s not you I really just don’t have time for second dates, commitment or weekend getaways’ – in almost any context those words are going to cause some confusion and hurt feelings. With a paid date, the opposite is expected right from the start, that most likely you will never see each other again so it’s okay to live and enjoy the moment for what it is.

6. Avoid all swiptastrophies:

Once upon a time, previous generation apps were meant to make dating more fun, efficient and personalized. First came the guy who hacked online dating, then came 10 disaster dates in a row, god forbid you made it into a relationship with your app man only to come to the realization that he’s crazy and – oh yeah – virtual reality… is still sadly reality. On the other hand it’s funny how quickly people become direct and honest when money is involved. There are few reasons to sabotage a date when it’s coming out of your pockets, so things are more likely to go smoothly.


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