Dating on the internet works, but not always. For many people online dating still has a bad reputation, even though more and more people are becoming acquainted with it and even fall in love through dating apps. There are no limits to the intentions of online portals – they range from nonbinding adventures to the search for great love.

Great diversity in online dating

Of course, the huge rage of portals can quickly be confusing or simply unsuccessful. Especially “beginners” often think that getting to know each other digitally is very impersonal and superficial. According to users, the dates are also often too fast-paced and only in search of a fleeting meeting.

However, if applied correctly, the Internet can bring together two people who may never have met in real life. Crossing borders and oceans, we can connect with our supposed soulmate, share our thoughts and learn to communicate and understand what our own needs are. Particularly for shy singles who would never dare to address anyone in their everyday lives, dating portals are perfect. Another big advantage of online dating lies in its rich diversity: there is now a suitable model for almost everyone.

High potential for sensuality

According to a recent survey, around a third of all partnerships started online. So it is very possible to get to know the great love via the internet! The romance factor on online dating portals is on top of that surprisingly high. A sentimental message or even a special profile description, which corresponds to the wishes of a new partner, triggers in many people already the feeling of romance. As many as 82 percent even see potential for true sensuality on the internet. According to that it can be very helpful to express wishes and expectations for the future love in the profile description or tell a little story in which one learns something about one’s own personality.

As great as the possibilities of the internet are – a classic, real date can not be beaten by anything that easy. Because the real romance still only exists in real life!