Anti-Valentine’s Day: A How to Guide 🙂

Valentine’s Day. Single’s Awareness Day. Or, if you live in Oregon or Arizona – statehood day. Whatever your proclivity or relationship status, don’t just settle for romance this Feb 14th. Take a look at some Anti-Valentine’s Day suggestions that don’t involve flowers or chocolate.

1. Donate Your Ex’s Clothes to Goodwill

It may be childish. It may be illegal. It may royally piss off your previous partner, but Goodwill’s campaign for getting you to donate your ex’s stuff will no doubt get people thinking about something other than themselves this Valentine’s Day. Using this tongue-in-cheek piece of marketing, Goodwill should hopefully see a rise in donations this Valentine’s weekend, as people stop and think about what they could donate to charity, ex-lovers or not.

2. See Deadpool By Yourself

Going to see a movie by yourself is underrated. It takes a ballsy guy or gal to do it any other day of the year, but Valentine’s Day? Show off your indomitable confidence by seeing this anti-superhero movie.

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3. Shred Your Ex

The guys at Shred Your Ex created a bit of a stir last year when they offered a service which let you watch a picture of your ex print directly into a commercial-grade paper shredder. Their social media has been quiet on the run up to this year’s Valentine’s Day but fingers crossed they open shop and let dump-ee’s get their vital dose of catharsis once again in 2016.

4. Take part in The GTA Online Be My Valentine Event: Feb 12th – 18th

We’ve said it before that a video game marathon makes for a great stay at home date, so whether you’re alone or not this February 14th, there’s no reason to not spend the anniversary of the Valentine’s Day Massacre with your own private incarnation.

5. Just Don’t Celebrate It

In the United States alone, the average Valentine’s Day spending has increased every year, from $108 per person in 2010 to $131 in 2013. Why spend that sort of money when you can just stay in, get comfy, and watch Netflix ’til you fall asleep again, awakening the following morning safe in the knowledge that Valentine’s Day has passed for another year.