»Let the show begin and applaud the sweet but very dirty ‘Lady Diamond’.« A murmur goes through the crowd of heated men already lurking in the starting blocks with twitching bills, longingly waiting for their daily dose of pleasure. It gets dark, silence for a moment, red light reflects the floor in the spotlight, dark melodies by PJ Harvey roar across the speakers, a melancholic mood fills the smoky room, then she enters the stage.


Just like a diamond that is created under pressure, Lady Diamond has also moved to the »Bar Rouge« in LA. She knew that she could not support her mother with the office job, who lives alone in New Orleans, so she decided to strip, she decided to earn money with her body. After all, for years she had been trying to fill her mother with pride with maltreated toes, overstretched joints, bleeding heels as a prima ballerina, who wished nothing more for her daughter than to see her as a gifted dancer on the stages of the world. So why shouldn’t she give something back today, as a stripper who keeps a low profile but easily earns more money in this way. She quickly attracted numerous men with her magical charisma and built up a small fan community. She quit her office job and since then she gives daily private shows in addition to the public performances in the evening. There are flyers, posters with her face and the phenomenal glitter writing in 3D, Lady Diamond is the star of the Bar Rouge, there was never a doubt about it.


Lee, a regular guest booked her for a private show today after her performance and wishes for the blonde Di for a hot strip in the Blue Room. Di is the loving shortcut Lee gave her when he first booked her for an intimate performance. Lady Diamond can take on any role, she has many wigs that transform her into the personality that the viewer wants. She has changed her wardrobe, put on the blonde wig, snorts a line of coke, looks into the reflection of an almost angelic face and sets off for the blue room. She looks tender and innocent, only the strength of her body provokes maturity when she moves like a snake on melting asphalt. The door closes quietly, Securities stand guardrail. After Di has fulfilled all his desires of the sexy nymph and Lee has squirted into his hands, she leaves the blue room.


On her transparent plateau shoes Lady Diamond strolls towards the cloakroom to change her outfit. It is an endless evening and sometimes she wonders how long she will continue working here. She’s in the prime of her life. She is 23, she could go on like this for many more years, earn a lot of money, make her mother happy, but at some point she is no longer up to the task and too often she longs for some constancy. Lady Diamond dreams of a simple job, a man on her side, a nice apartment. Little dreams that seem unrealistically big at this moment as she returns to the stage and looks into greedy male eyes that focus on the sensual charms, her body that has always given her so much and taken so much.

In the limelight, however, she feels safe, she discovers a man in the audience who somehow falls out of line. He looks at her very closely; he follows every movement with an intensity that makes her almost get a little out of sync. It’s like two people share the same thoughts. They look deep into each others eyes, an understanding aura surrounds him, she feels attracted to him. Lady Diamond dances lasciviously around the pole, she spreads her legs in a balancing act, she loses all sense of time and space, she dances to the brutal rhythms of »This Mess We’re In« and acts like an aphrodisiac drug that everyone wants to take, intoxicated by all the emotions, tears off her panties and presents her wonderful femininity. She leaves the stage naked with thunderous applause. She turns and smiles at the man from the audience.


While Lady Diamond sits in her dressing room and changes again, the speaker system asks her to visit a guest in the Yellow Room. She quickly pushes a long, black wig around and wipes the remains of coke off her nose. In this special room, guest and stripper sit opposite each other, only a glass pane separates them from each other and telephone receivers serve for communication. »Hi stranger, what would you like to see?« she breathes towards the unknown. »I’d like to talk to you.«, a deep voice replies, the voice belongs to the man from the audience. »Nobody wants to talk here, so tell me what to do and I’ll do it.«, Lady Diamond answers teasingly. »I’d like to know more about you, please take off your wig, I want to see who you really are.« Lady Diamond laughs briefly, then lowers her head, her voice fades to an insecure tone. Somehow she feels attracted to him, just as she noticed it on stage at that moment, you can’t explain that. No one has ever asked her how she is, let alone who she is, where she comes from, what she does, what keeps her busy, what she wants. The talks between the two quickly deepen, a close relationship develops. It’s as if they’ve known each other forever and yet are curiously listening to the reactions. They talk about God and the world, laugh, flirt, understand each other even without words. He touches the window, he manifests her name. “Alice.”He’d come back, that much is certain.