Call an Uber


»We charge an extra 100€ for cleaning costs«, says the letter of the Uber company which Ryan opens two weeks after his rambling night in the Berlin club scene. Only spongy he remembers this experience. The first impulse to call the company is extinguished in no time when small rags of images refresh his memory.

It was a sultry and perhaps the last beautiful summer night in Berlin. Since arriving from California two months ago, Ryan had plunged into the big city life and had been partying almost constantly. He liked the lightness of the city, the possibility of being able to have everything at any time of the day, a sex date that is delivered to your door like food when you feel like it. He appreciated the uncomplicated encounters and wanted to have another date like this on that evening.


In June he turned his back to his hometown LA. Many stories, many memories should come to an end, he would dare a new beginning in another country. Ryan lived a life in the fast lane. In his mid 30s he was about to build something really serious, but luck would leave him this time. For Rose he would have said goodbye to his inner restlessness, but Rose chose another man. Unhappily in love, he now escapes into different adventures. The warm breasts of various women give a feeling of security and let him forget.

Berlin means distance, Berlin means breathing a sigh of relief. He has already met with some people, be it a rendezvous or spontaneous meetings with people who were on the same party level. Most of the time, however, these clashes were of a superficial nature, Ryan was excessively longing for physical closeness. He hasn’t really arrived yet. His colleagues were all lost in their own world and he realizes that the only thing that distinguishes Berlin from LA is the simplicity of having conversations with strangers and making it permanent. »But that’s just the beginning, I’ve only been here for two months«, he thinks to himself.


Maya enters the »Dachkammer« in Friedrichshain, where he is already eagerly waiting for her. After a few glasses of vodka and one-sided conversations with the bartender, Ryan is ready for attractive company. Maya is quite attractive, she reminds him of the women from Hollywood and Beverly Hills, who somehow always make a glamorous appearance. Lots of make-up, bleached teeth, high heels, mini skirt, well trained. In Berlin most of them are more natural, barely made up, no exciting outfit, just natural. He would get used to it, but for this moment he wants a woman that reminds him of home.

Rose was special, he had made plans with Rose, he may have fallen in love with her, but now he is here, far away from Rose.

Ryan was in the mood to dance, to celebrate the here and now with Maya. Their aim was »Kater Blau«: black figures in the mist, loud techno music and the beautiful Maya at his side. Ryan was euphoric and danced with her for many hours. They had this certain communication, they were young, free and hot about each other. They were so hot about each other that they almost got it on in the club, in a dark corner she sat on his lap, kneaded his stiff cock and opened his zipper. He could just fuck her now without anyone noticing.

It’s time to head out. Ryan picks up his cell phone and dials the number. »Uber« was familiar to him, he already knew this service from LA. But how would he manage to keep his hands off of her without exploding previously? Maya knew how to fascinate him, she was boiling hot, she knew all the buttons that were easy to push. »Just a small step to my apartment«, he thought. But the way from Friedrichshain to Charlottenburg would take a while and the two of them were just too drunk, too busy with themselves, nothing seemed to matter in that moment. The Uber driver was watching the wild mess on her backseat, she was petrified, she couldn’t say anything, she could only drive faster.


From the driver’s perspective, the whole situation must have looked like this: Maya is sitting on Ryan’s lap, her panties slipped aside, her high heels taken off. Ryan’s fingers disappear under her skirt, he strokes the skin around her buttocks, caressing her pussy. They moan in the rhythm of the music, which the driver has set to the highest level. Classical music is blasting through the speakers. Ryan loves classical music. He loves the friction between Maya’s warm thighs and her wet pussy. Every now and then he glances at the driver through the rearview mirror. At this moment he imagines Rose looking at him through the mirror. She sees him with only one of many women who have now taken her place. He knows how to satisfy them, he knows how to make them all happy. A feeling of passion and power overcomes him. Arrogance compensates for many weaknesses. He observes the driver in the rearview mirror, opens his pants and slides into Maya.

»We charge an extra 100€ for cleaning costs«. Ryan holds the letter in his hand and smirkes. That was a night that got completely out of hand. He’s never seen Maya since, he can’t reach Rose anyway. He looks up briefly to find his scratched face in the dirty hallway mirror: »I probably got away with a black eye«.