»How awful it is to be unhappily in love in summer when the whole world radiates joy. I was always unhappy in love only in winter or grey times and could simply give in to this melancholy. Let’s jump in the water, it’ll change your mind.« What irony Martha thinks, her friend Selma always manages to pull her down even more with her open outbursts that shoot out of her so quickly and imprudently. »Can’t you even think before you say something like that Selma?« Martha screams after her, while Selma greets the cold water with a plunge. Martha lies back in the grass, a short laugh slips from her lips before she turns back to her usual pain. She watches the passing clouds, which seem to her like a never-ending series of caricatures into which she carves Andrés face.


Without him, she always feels so empty, somehow imperfect. She can’t really explain it herself, after all, this longing is not mutual. »Maybe I intentionally cling to unhappy relationships where I’m sure there’s not much to get«, she thinks. The June sun blinds her face, moping she chews on a straw, not even the hot rays of the sun can brighten her mind. Martha’s eyelids become heavier and she reflects on her last encounter with André, André, who can’t give her more than his irrepressible desire for her body and who quickly says goodbye when it gets too close for him. Martha remembers every single detail of that night.

»André, my dearest, take me and don’t stop coveting me.« Martha stretched out her bare buttocks towards André. He sat behind her and licked her pussy like a greedy little kitten, often grazing her anus and sinking his tongue into it. He loved it when she let herself go and surrendered to him completely. A few drops ran down her inner thighs, he used his fingers to examine the milky consistency and then soak it up. He stuck his index finger in her butt and massaged her clitoris with the other hand. André knew only too well that Martha liked to be taken from behind, only then did she reaches climax. When he stimulated her sex with his fingers while gently pushing his cock into her ass.


He rubbed the sweet juice around her butt like lubricant. She moaned and could hardly control herself, never before has a man taken the time to find out how she is ticking, what turns her on. André knows her deepest desires and is sure that Martha would do anything for him to stay with her. A certainty that gives him a confident position of power and melts Martha away with desire. He got down on his knees, spat into his hands and pushed his stiff cock into her tight butthole. Martha cried out, tried to escape him, he grabbed her hips and pulled her closer to him again. It always took her a moment to get used to it, after all, she is very tight while he’s beautifully hung. He pressed her hips gently towards him and put his cock carefully into her buttocks while he rubbed her wet pussy simultaneously. As a result, Martha relaxed more quickly and opened herself up to his enormous strokes. He pushed her butt cheeks wide apart and watched as his sex disappeared in her anus and his testicles kept banging against her thighs. However, the June heat bothered him, drops of sweat splattered on Martha’s back. He united the collected drops of pleasure, his sweat on her body, the moisture around her sex. He kneaded her warm breasts, pushed hard one last time, then pulled his cock out of her anus and spread all the cum on her butt. Exhausted André rolled on his side, then he took a towel and wiped his sperm from Martha , Martha, who was still in the same position, unable to move.


This time she didn’t come, everything went way too fast, unsatisfied she sat back on her heels. That was the first time André didn’t let her come first and was pleased with a lonely orgasm. She wiped her sex dry with a towel and laid down next to André. She kissed his neck and licked the salty drops from his hairline. »How can one man be so disappointing and still drive me out of my mind«, she thought. That night he snuck out of the apartment without saying goodbye. Only the next morning, when Martha opened her eyes, turned to her side and reached into the void, she was caught up by reality and began to cry.


Martha look into the sky in anger, her fingers wander between her legs and she feels that she is wet. Although these memories make her sad, she still feels aroused, the idea how André squats behind her and sinks his cock into her butt hole makes her feel incredible. She wished she’d seen it. It’s June and her mind reflects deep black thoughts. André hasn’t contacted her again since that night. Every time her cell phone vibrates, she looks euphorically at it and then drops it from her hands in a dejected state. He also doesn’t react to her texts and she wonders when these humiliations will finally stop and why she can’t just let go.

Selma comes out of the water and wrings her wet, thick hair out onto Martha’s belly. »Now it’s time to stop moping, get up«, Selma demands. Martha grabs Selma’s delicate ankles at lightning speed and throws her into the grass. The two fight like wild boys and giggle frolics. Selma always manages to make Martha laugh, even if Martha would like to kill her sometimes, she appreciates her affection. Martha and Selma lie next to each other and watch the passing clouds. It’s June and Martha feels balanced next to her friend Selma, she’s blessed in this state of constant dissatisfaction that makes her happy at the same time.