The Chat



His Wednesday morning couldn’t begin sweeter. He turns on the phone half asleep and a message from Anna appears on it. Anna lives in the USA, Maxim in Austria. They have never met before, yet they immediately felt a strong attraction. A business exchange was the origin of this erotic communication. Only through writing did both gradually drift off into a fantasy world, a common reality blossomed. A reality that awakens and at the same time fulfills you with lust, every time Maxim opens a message from Anna, they escape their everyday life for several hours.



»I make myself comfortable, slowly I push a finger under the fine tip of my panties and gently pat my clitoris. This barely noticeable friction around my clitoris gives me goosebumps, sensational feelings arise in me. My finger slips only halfway into my wet pussy, I taste the salty juice and circle around my clitoris again. I pay a lot of attention to her in the interplay between pressure and circling movements. I’ve almost arrived, but I’m not gonna let it happen yet. I think of you and imagine how you enter the room with my girlfriend arm in arm, surprised and excited to discover more of it at the same time. She is beautiful, dark hair, slender legs, bright, expressive eyes, a seductive voice. She has full lips just like mine. She comes to me, kisses me, first softly and then hard. She smells so damn good.«


»She kisses my neck, and I run my hands over her tits, under her tank and slip it off, over her arms and head. Her skin is soft, very soft, as I find that’s always what makes a woman’s skin so desirable, and for the same reason why I take care of mine. She removes my undies completely, and straddles me. Her ass is facing you, but she’s still wearing her undies. I reach and place my thumb over her clit, on top of the fabric, so that there is the layer that separates my hand and her genitals. I rub her, outside of her panties, the teasing is intense for her and her wetness shows through the fabric. She asks me to touch her more. To explore her inside.

We whisper and share the odd giggle. I ask her if we even need you there. She smiles mischievously and replies that it’s up to you demonstrate that you can please us in ways we can’t with each other and that I can ultimately decide where you fit in. You get lusty watching us. You like how two of us are there with you, but equally interested in each other, and that you’re a willing spectator, for the moment. She’d slide a finger into me, in and out, then a second finger, and then makes me suck my juices off her fingers. Her other hand pinches my hardened nipples. Our moaning and the scent of pussy fills the room. You begin to feel left out.«



»I celebrate each of your touches and movements as a peculiarity and small things like the sound of your tongue sliding over her stiff nipples hardens my cock to a degree I haven’t felt in what feels like an eternity. You are both unclothed now. Messy hair, soft sighs, skin to skin, wetness indistinguishable who it belongs to. You’re looking at me from time to time. Eyes inviting and yet hesitant to welcome me in. I wait for her to take over you entirely. Your eyes closed with your focus on sensing her touches I feel the right moment of joining her in her mission. At first you can’t tell the difference between our simultaneous touches and kisses but she makes it all so clear as she gets into 69 with you, far enough for you to be unable to touch her but close enough to see her wet entrance. Our tongues interfere eating you out every now and then as I handle your labia while she sucks on your clit.

This unintentional colliding evolves into what feels like a force that only has one aim – take zoo to climax. We both feel the urge to fill you up so while i slide two fingers up your moist cooch, she dips her thumb inside your butt to stretch it far enough for a second finger to join. We slide in and outside of your wet entries until you cover us both in your squirt. She turns around and lays on top of you to give you a taste of your own juices by kissing you.«



»I’ll reach for her butt, spread her butt cheeks for you to pamper us both alternately. We beg for more. You glide in my butt only with the tip of your dick, linger, we feel this intense vibration. Without warning, you push your cock deeper and I start to tremble, after a few strokes I come again revisiting all what has happened before. Wet from squirting, you begin to penetrate her, alternately sliding in and out of her holes. She begs you not to stop while my tongue massages their beautiful breasts.«