Most of the time Viktoria tried to stay awake, but all too often she somehow couldn’t. She disappeared into daydreams and mixed them with her reality. It was hard for her to concentrate. Early on she realized that she was different from the others. She reacted highly sensitively to her environment, perceiving smells, sounds and touches that nobody could smell, hear or feel. All this sometimes became too much for Viktoria, so that tears shot out of her eyes from one moment to the next. Unable to explain it, she fell into a constant melancholy of life, people, nature and being. In spite of the self-imposed isolation she let single people into her heart and decided to look for an apartment together with her best friend Mia.

Mia and Victoria have been inseparable since their childhood. Mia understands Viktoria’s desires, her grief, her anger, her stagnation, while the world continues to rotate in its natural rhythm. Viktoria, on the other hand, admires Mia’s strength, her extroversion, her way of facing life, without fear, without doubt. Together they are the perfect couple and no one could ever separate this deep bond. Sometimes Viktoria rests with her red head in Mia’s lap and has her hair combed. She loves the sweet smell that enlivens her nostrils. It is the indomitable scent of love. Then she strokes Mia’s sex above the dress, very gently, very naturally. Mia enjoys her touches and combs Viktoria’s red strands incessantly.


Viktoria remembers these situations vividly as Mia combs through her hair with her fingertips. She looks into her dark round eyes in the baroque mirror of the shared bathroom and wonders whether she could ever feel as much desire for another woman as for Mia. Something has changed. Her freckles disappeared with the arrival of winter and her mood has remained in constant depression ever since. She misses the nature of Bibury and the wool storage in the Arlington Row. She misses the caresses of Mia. Ever since they moved into an apartment in Berlin and turned their backs on the English village, Mia has unrestrainedly devoted herself to her desires. Viktoria followed the dramatic events of men as they went in and out, as hearts were broken, to then reunited in ecstasy again. Mia needed this impermanence to feel alive. But she could never hurt Viktoria, that was the only constant she wanted to rely on.

That night, Viktoria wound in her bed, unable to find rest. Mia and her new lover’s pleasurable noises were so loud, so seductive, that she woke up and decided to sneak to her room like a ballerina on tiptoe. She stopped at the leaned over door, which Mia always left a gap open for Viktoria to watch. Viktoria stood there with her silk nightgown and looked carefully with her big round eyes at what was happening. She saw the back view of a well trained man’s body with a huge dragon tattoo, which spread up to his bottom. She saw Mia’s spread thighs and how the proud male body penetrated her deeper and harder. She saw him move his hips from left to right to fill her sex. She saw how he massaged her clit with his fingers, and how he put this fingers into his mouth again. She saw how he wet his fingers with saliva and lead them back to Mia’s clitoris. She watched how he worked Mia’s clit in wild circles, pushing his cock deeper into her vagina. She watched as Mia moaned softly with pleasure, so quietly that only Viktoria could perceive it. She felt how much pleasure it provided for Mia to be takenĀ in this way and she felt how she was thinking of Viktoria.


The two friends looked at each other as the man massaged her clit and his dick slided into her, deeper and deeper. They looked into excited faces. Mia with her rosy cheeks, the vibrating lips, the sighing gaze, was never more beautiful, Viktoria thought to herself. Viktoria with her spread legs and the silk nightgown under which her fingers disappeared was never more beautiful, Mia thought to herself. Mia clawed her fingernails violently into the back of his sweaty dragon tattoo, which suddenly seemed so alive, by the circling movement of his upper body the dragon took on a three-dimensional shape and acquired an extremely majestic posture. Then the man stroked Mia’s blond hair and gently combed it. It was at this very moment that Viktoria reached climax. She could no longer maintain the state of complete excitement when she saw the man stroking her friend’s hair. She thought of the many moments when she rested her head between Mia’s legs and the familiar scent of sweetness flowing through her nostrils. She came quietly and flinched gently. Mia observed how Viktoria’s gaze changed, how a familiar melancholy paused, and how her silk dress became moist. Right between her glowing thighs a round spot formed and she pulled out her wet fingertips. It was at this very moment that Mia came as the man slowed down his rhythm and reintroduced his pulsing dick back into her. Mia thought of the many moments when Viktoria rested in her lap. As she touched Mia’s sex above her clothes, her fingers gently rotating with joy.

Their glances fulfilled with confidence and the certainty that no one could separate this strong bond between them. Smiling, the two friends said goodbye for the night. Mia freed her fingernails from the man’s torso and the dragon sank exhausted between Mia’s wide open thighs onto the white sheets. He was defeated and wheezed one last time as his glowing eyes closed forever.