Gentrification is the second word on the tip of the tongue of every New Yorker whether they’re from Soho or East Harlem – right after ‘Gotta get more guap’ that is. If Al Gore has taught us anything it’s that being passive is just about the least impressive quality a person can have. Nowadays we at Ohlala know that everyone wants their romantic interest to not only care about them but also to show a concern for the world at large. That’s why getting a little closer can be done by tackling the real issues of this Empire State – while dating.

4 Date Ideas in NYC – “Dating with a Cause”


1. Socially Sustainable Art

This city has always been a renowned hub of progressive culture and burgeoning art – take for example Norman Rockwell and Andy Warhol. Since the rise of these stars, NYC is awakening to the potential of helping others even in the pursuit of being more creative. Ever consider checking out some of NYC’s more socially sustainable galleries that help elevate people right up off the streets? Fountain House Gallery offers vibrant and insightful exhibitions of artists living with mental illnesses. Though, if you’re wanting to get that same warming altruistic feeling while curled up on the couch during a rainy evening, you can visit a website entitled ArtLifting which acts as a platform for marginalized artists. So go ahead and get together – humanistically!

Art Gallery

For more information visit the location at: 702 9th Ave, New York, NY

2. Feminist Road Trip

The embracing of feminism may be just coming into fruition now, but it’s been sewing it’s seeds in our streets for longer than most New Yorkers can imagine. Bustle magazine recently published a self-guided route that traces the strength of our state’s foremothers spanning from the house of Susan B. Anthony – who in 1872 was arrested for attempting to vote – to the Ganondagan’s Seneca Art & Culture Center – which includes a 1670 replica of the matriarchal Iroquois people’s Longhouse. It takes courage to get political in romance, but if history has taught us anything, it’s that bravery inspires an often snowballing effect.


For more information visit the website of Bustle Magazine

3. Thrift Shopping for a Cause

With the advent of an unholy collaboration between Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, people might believe that the days of enjoying thrift-shopping are over. What if it was all for a good cause, and the pair of you didn’t have to emerge from the experience looking like two wet cats that got kicked out of a nineties rave? The Arthritis Foundation Thrift Shop offers not only a good opportunity to fashionably up-cycle, but also uses the proceeds to help individuals living with a debilitating illness. Step up your dating game by getting in the circle of giving – drop off those unused Levi’s – pick up a priceless silk shawl – and leave knowing you’ve had a good impact on the lives of others.

handsome couple doing shopping city lights in the background

For more information visit the location at: 1430 3rd Ave, New York, NY

4. Learning to Grow Greenly

Being good is hard work, but luckily New York is a city where you can put your back into it while looking out over a view. There are plenty of opportunities on the horizon at sustainable and organic rooftop farm, Brooklyn Grange. There is nothing like working on a project close to heart with someone you admire. Join in on one of the many events hosted at Brooklyn Grange including a workshop on Urban Gardening with Native Plants and Pollinators, and marvel over not just the beauty of the Manhattan skyline, but also how one rooftop is trying to inspire all of the city to think about how it’s nearly eight and half million inhabitants are fed. It’s just lucky that being good can also mean getting a little dirty.


For more information visit the location at: Brooklyn Grange LLC
37-18 Northern Blvd, Long Island City, NY

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