Women You’ll Date in NYC

It’s hard to imagine that the place which gives you the tiny indie delight, the Metrograph Cinema, is also the same city that forces you to stand in line at Ko and then dish out nearly $200 per person! Variety is the essence of New York and that’s why you are sure to date diverse types of women if you live here. Below is our lighthearted and loose description of what you are in for if you plunge into the New York dating pool and just what kind of Ohlala date you should plan.

1. The Millennial Princess


She’s young though dresses with the sophistication of a stylist – don’t ever get her confused with one, otherwise with a subtle smirk your chances for romance might be over. She’s probably wealthy – and born into it. On the outside she might look perfectly curated from heal to conditioned hair, but on the inside she’s bored and is going through an all inclusive list of ways to entertain herself. If you want to interest her, show her that pains, apathy and romance in spite of it all are a universal experience in a witty way. She’s sure to have the most interesting life experiences and knowledge of the city once she opens up! Conversation is her strong suit and that’s all you really need to focus on during a date, consider just taking a stroll through Central Park.

2. The Authority


Difficult to distinguish from all the other groups, because critics come in all forms and professions. She’s the non-stop voice on the streets of Manhattan barking back at the cat callers and taxi drivers – her first impression on you will absolutely drive you mad. Plan a high intensity Ohlala date, consider Coney Island, or maybe kick boxing. If you really want to enjoy her company divert conversations away from complaints to possibilities. By the end of it you’ll be taken back and inspired by her deep-seeded passion for all things.

3. The Political Voice


She’ll most likely look very casual, but don’t be fooled, appearances are important to her, it’s just that you might not yet recognize bamboo fiber from soy garments. She’s used to dealing with all kinds of corporate, legal, and social hurdles and probably thinks that empathy is the best way to get people convinced about issues, so don’t feel too much pressure to please her. Just be yourself and consider a degentrified date idea.

4. The Bohemian


What? You didn’t know that Mother Feather will be playing May 15 in Brooklyn? She did, and that’s because she’s informed about all things alternative and niche happening in the city. Do not dis the weirdness of her clothes, the look for her favorite band, or Wes Anderson because she’s probably written her master’s thesis on one of them. She’ll appreciate any type of thoughtful date and will most likely teach you a thing or two New York. Be prepared to get a little more whimsical, and consider catching an upcoming concert at Silent Barn, or 538 Johnson.

5. The Newcomer


When you need a relief from the potato-chewing Brooklyn or Jersey accents, chuck Bruce Springsteen out of your stereo and hit the streets of New York for a more international sound. The newcomers who make it in NYC are usually hard-working enough to know the ins and outs of it’s culture. Though they usually are also keen to give a tribute to their old homes in the forms of fashion, food or advice. On a date, expect to feel the excitement of being a kid exploring the the city for the first time, as well as the interesting perspective of comparing your home to another’s. It won’t matter if you do all the touristy things, it’s the excitement and anticipation that will make it all worth while. Consider a walking Ohlala date tour with Big Apple Greeter where locals show you around their neighborhoods.


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