Kick ass women that inspire us on International Women’s Day

In honor of International Women’s Day we asked around the office, “which women inspire you?”. By no means is this list exhaustive, rather, these are the women that first came to mind to have inspired, and continue to inspire us.

1. Jenny Beavan

Sean, Social Media

Two time Oscar winner. All-round badass. I half expected her to spray chrome in her mouth and scream “witness me!” to a room full of stunned celebrities. I know we shouldn’t focus on her outfit but she wore a biker jacket to the Oscars. How inspirational is that? Showing women that you don’t need to be a supermodel to be successful is such a great thing. She’s amazing.

2. Mhairi Black

David, Social Media

Well, this Labour MP from Scotland has been calling out loads of people on their bullshit. She’s only 21 so she’s the youngest MP in about 350 years and every time she stands up in the House of Commons she delivers some eloquently devastating speech. She genuinely cares and wants to do great work, which I respect very deeply.

3. Conchita Wurst 

Pia, CEO & Co-founder

She’s Austrian like me. She’s a huge icon in Austria and the rest of Europe since the Eurovision Song Contest and has done so much for gender identity with her profile. I know ‘Conchita’ is just the persona but I want to include her in the list.

4. Annie Clark (St. Vincent)

Cedric, Social Media

Easily my favorite musician. She’s just so, so talented. She’s designed a women friendly guitar with Ernie Ball that is lighter and more comfortable to hold if you’re a female. Not even Joan Jett had a signature guitar designed from the ground up.

5. Beyoncé

Jules, Marketing

It’s a bit obvious I know but I picked her mainly because she has everything. Brilliant entertainer, great family, beautiful, seems very with it and is so prolific with her music. She accomplishes so much but can also balance family life. I have a saying: “You have the same hours in the day as Beyoncé.” It motivates me.

6. Ada Lovelace

Torsten, CTO & Co-founder

She’s the original programmer, inspired Turing’s work on the first computer so I’d probably be out of a job without Ada. Also, special mention for Margaret Hamilton – an incredible software engineer.

Title photo: Jason Persse
(via: flickr)

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