Our Team Shares Their Most Embarrassing Date Stories

Sometimes life is not as sweet, direct and concise as Ohlala. We have to confess that though it’s all in the past, not all of us on the team were always the cultivated dating experts that we are now, though luckily we’re quick learners and want to spare you from our mistakes. The lasting lessons from our embarrassing date stories are as follows – taking chances pays off, communication is key, and  your memory is never as effective as modern technology! Enjoy these few juicy tidbits from our sordid pasts.


Luise: Community Management

Many years ago, I was having a night out with friends back in Jena, Germany the sleepy city where I was completing my studies. One evening after a week of heavy cramming, my friends and I decided to unwind by heading down to our favourite club ‘Rose’. Hanging out right in front of the entrance there was a really sweet-looking musician preoccupied with playing his guitar. Since we’d had a few pre-drinks already, my friends sparked up a conversation with him, and as his eyes slowly shifted towards me, I could tell we were on the same page. Once inside, we all let loose, mostly dancing but also probably drinking a little more than maybe we should have.


He bought me a shot of tequila and from there it was breeze to get to talking, then dancing and eventually kissing. By the end of the night we were so enthralled by each other that we keenly exchanged numbers. I headed home, and as the sobering sun rose, that guitarist was still on my mind, though I have to confess the tequila had washed away the image of his face from my mind. Not too long after that he ended up messaging me, and because he still seemed really sweet, I agreed to go meet him at a cafe. I did not know what to expect when I showed up, or who to even look for, but I can tell you that I didn’t regretted going. The rest is history.


David: Community Management

I was dating a really intellectual bookish-type guy back in university. It took me a while to realize that he played just as hard as he studied. One night my group of friends, my date and I all went to the local nightclub and got completely wasted. Some of us had a bit more fun than others, so as you can guess I ended up having to carry my date home with his arm strung limply around my shoulder. When we finally got home, I just chucked him on my bed and left him there to continue partying.


I came back an hour or so later and found to my dismay that he had completely soaked my bed with his urine. I had no idea whether to wake him and sort him out there and then, or just leave it for the morning. I decided I couldn’t be bothered at the time so I just left him and slept in my roommates bed. Unfortunately, there was still an awkward conversation to be had in the morning.


Alice: Social Media

I used to be just about the most awkward girl back in grade 11. So I got butterflies the first time a decent guy from my grade, named Maddie showed any interest. It was nearing the end of the school year so the weather was warm and we’d hang out with all of our friends together after school. Usually, we spent most of our time exploring the beach or perched overlooking the water at the marina, though really we were all walking on pins and needles in anticipation of the high school romance to come.


So when he finally asked for my number my cheeks blushed mad red. Lost in the moment, and unused to any kind of flirtation, I just blurting out the most familiar phone number to me and walked away gleefully. The next day I was eating lunch with my friends during our spare when unexpectedly my mother called me. She – with her moderate European accent interrogated me ‘Alice, Alice!… who’s this Emack? Why was some Emack calling you on my phone? …Oooo, do you have a boyfriend?’ My jaw dropped as I was left mortified wondering about how the experience must have been for poor Emack – I mean Maddie. Needless to say, I never got to hear his account of the story – our connection was just not strong enough to overcome that teenage angst.

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