Apps to Help You Plan the Perfect Date

Ohlala might be an all-in one perfect date finding app, but you can do a lot more to spice up your romance with a few taps on your touch screen. Enjoy our list of top picks for applications that help you find not only discounts but opportunities to build deeper connections to your Ohlala date.

1. Couplete: Dating Diary

Happy Couple Holding Cellphone

Hailing from the country of perpetual cuteness – Korea – Couplete lets companions share a variety of information including a wishbox which helps you find common dream dates to pursue – essentially optimizing your dating experience. The application also offers chronicling features included photographs, events, flirty letters, and adventure stories helping to grow your dating adventures in a more colorful and personalized way. Lucky for you, this app cannot fall victim to the ravages of dust, sunlight, spills or getting lost unlike its pre-digital counterpart.

2. Sesame Gifts: Curated Gifting


Find yourself guilty of procrasti-gifting far too often? Sesame, the personalized parcel of trendy gifts – is the answer for you. The application offers a variety of over 75 planned options including treats, mini-spa amenities, perennial vases and game boards. Each parcel includes multiple pieces that speak to your perception of the recipient. Remember if it doesn’t quite hit the spot, you can just have the parcel shipped back to its sender – you, and enjoy the goodies all yourself.

3. Groupon: Thrift Dating


Groupon might not typically be considered the sexiest app in the app store, but just imagine it getting you into the Comedy Club for $15, or having brunch at Acqua at Peck Slip for under $30 – Not bad! It’s not just a good way to get a taste of an upper crust date – cheap, it can also help you feel like you belong there if you for example, snatch up the offers for discount garments, salons, and even romance consultations. All-in-all it has the potential to boost your entire romantic existence.

4. Postagram: Personalized Postage

Can't wait for our date tonight-xoxo

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, which is probably where the inventors of this application got the idea to capitalize off the discursive real estate of your post by letting you create and print your own cards via phone. You can capture and send images of your honey on the app, then write the perfect gushing blurb and finally prep it for printing. This app is the perfect fit for those wanting to directly highlight their creative romantic capabilities. Don’t worry if you’re not quite Shakespeare, or Daniel Craig for that matter, it’s always the thought and effort that shines through.

5. Hotel Tonight: Weekend Getaway


Being spontaneous is an intriguing quality in a perfect date – but it can get expensive. That’s why Hotel Tonight is a great option for your impromptu weekend Hamptons or Upstate getaway. There’s nothing quite like exploring someplace new to bring people together, and enjoying local cultural attractions and food to get a sense of adventure. To make a lasting impression, we recommend picking up something unique from your travels and surprising your date on that winding trip back home.