The Future of Sex




Not too long ago, I shared my personal thoughts about »The Future of Love«. But what does »The future of Sex« actually look like? When we consider that at a time when homosexuals have still not really arrived in many parts of the world today, sex service providers are degraded to a dirty corner and some relationships simply follow traditional values instead of the claim of romantic love, I wonder how we at Ohlala can generate a perfect concept for the future in which people freely and honestly give themselves over to their desires without hurting others, but also without having to give up their deepest longings?

Figures clarify: Nowadays, marriages break up as quickly as they arise. The time that remains and what we make of it leads to stagnation and not growth. Instead of living, we usually miss the valuable moments and rush from one appointment to the next, encounters are perceived differently or do not arise at all because the feed the smartphone dominates everyday life anyway. People are looking for the perfect strategy to optimize time without missing the important moments, but to concentrate fully on their own needs and to get a feeling of acceptance and appreciation, outside the routine monotony.


The Ohlala Strategy

With Ohlala, people’s time is separated from their expectations. Each date starts with one person making a financial offer for another person’s time. When a person accepts, there is no need to fear rejection and the tension of making a decision because expectations were made clear from the beginning. Both parties are aware that the financial transaction has taken place in order to provide security while avoiding unnecessary stress.

If we finally decide to accept and live out our desires completely, why shouldn’t a paid dating app become exactly the perfect time management system of the future, instead of free apps like Tinder and Co, which usually bring disillusioning experiences? Everyone wants to set up effective dates and be able to decide on their free capacities in a targeted manner. Just as we decide to practice yoga at a certain time, set up a hairdresser appointment or book a day in a wellness hotel.


The Dating Education Foundation

Dating reform requires that we replace our conversations with better ones. It also requires that we reflect on the practical use of strategies that focus on the development of human sexuality and adapt it to different social contexts. With the introduction of the ICO (Inicial Coin Offering = ICO) a first movement begins to offer these practical strategies to a wider audience. The main objective of this virtual IPO is the establishment of the Dating Education Foundation. Their goal is to expand a paid dating revolution worldwide, albeit with a renewed sense of purpose driven by numbers and the desire to maximize human well-being.

New principles are set and a new world of dating is built on them. These principles force society to rethink the notions of love and make sex a natural topic of conversation, as well as food, exercise and work.


The World of Electronic Wallets and Electronic Approval

The aim is to propose all participants to take responsibility for their part of the transaction. An experience is requested and a price is set. A token is generated for this transaction. The system creates a payment request. The tokens are kept in a escrow. The experience is over. A payment contract is requested by the payee and confirmed by the payer.

Consent, which is an oral agreement with little legal protection in the world of sex work, can automatically become a legal contract if all consenting adults sign it electronically by simply clicking on »I agree«. This is done fully automatically. The system recognizes the user’s intentions with speech recognition software and prepares an intelligent contract.

And here’s how it works:

1. The user creates an appointment request.

2. The request is accepted.

3. A private chat follows, in which the user describes his wishes. The data does not remain on the servers of Ohlala.

4. The user who provides the services confirms the intention to comply with them. A risk profile analysis is carried out: Identity protection and fraud detection

5. Smart contract is created electronically with agreed hypotheses and allocated times.
Users can access their contracts at any time and choose to store contracts exclusively in their mobile phones.


The Ohlala Foundation and its 3 contents

1. The Foundation for Sex Education / The idea is to create a world in which people with a lot of experience share their knowledge on a topic instead of being stigmatized for it. Furthermore, the ecosystem of sex work (with its direct participation) should be transformed into something healthier and freed from the unintended consequences of stigmatization.

2. The Foundation of Dating Education / promoting a healthier sex life, promoting healthier relationships. Help people date who they want. Emancipating people from perceptions that do not maximize human well-being. Fund a research program focused on the future of dating.

3. The Foundation of the Family of the Future / the promotion of alternative family regulations and the space for unbiased experiments, the promotion of a healthier understanding of age and the fight against ageism. Promotion of city layouts that improve interaction between families. Accept the challenge of formalizing family agreements with the world’s governments. Improvement of family structures for marginalized groups such as homosexuals.


We all have sex work to do

»The future of Sex« offers many possibilities that lead to a greater understanding between people and focuses on the individual needs of everyone. Let’s just imagine: We live in a world where men and women treat each other sincerely to fulfill their wishes. We live respectfully side by side with those who choose to make a living entertaining others. We live in a world where instead of fear-driven dating experiences, we can get honest representations of each other in numbers and at the same time take the chance to simply make a charitable donation to the charity of choice. Perhaps a donation to a foundation for sex education to meet the love of your life?

We all have sex work to do. We need to work on our views on love and sex if we want to live happier and more fulfilling lives. We must help to emancipate those who currently and unnecessarily live on the edge of our society. The Ohlala ICO will make a decisive contribution by being stronger in terms of numbers and having an active voice that will never again have to talk about sex with prejudice.