»Don’t turn around!«, »And don’t move!«

Those are the words that »Blonde« perceives while her half-naked body leans over a wallpaper table. She wears a skirt and a bra, nothing more. Her long blonde hair covers her blushing face, as she looks out the shops window – she is afraid someone might catch her. Her panties already on the ground between her feet. She feels it barefoot. The fingers shimmer in the sunlight, they cast shadows over old spots of colour, their perception breaks the seal between mind and feel. She is conscious of this at this very moment when she looks at her fingers in the sunbeams and touches her feet on the cold ground, wrapped in a piece of fabric that comforts her, gently warming her skin.


These words belong to D.! »Blonde« is in his studio, the sexual tension is literally tangible. He doesn’t touch her, he just pulls her panties down, slides her skirt gently up. She lies there, bent over this wallpapering table full of expectation. She wants to be touched, but he simply observes her: How a wild animal observes its prey precisely to make no mistake and grab it at the right moment. He enjoys the view and reaches for a book lying by her arm on the left side of her face. »Blonde« senses his breath on her skin, at the same time she feels a strong desire to be taken hard. With a short rasp he sits on a bar stool and starts to draw. She hears the scratching of a pencil on paper, otherwise silence. An arousing situation: The silence of the room, that not knowing what will happen next and the certainty that D’s glances will circle around her extradited buttocks.

»Blonde« is naive, almost childish, a girl who bluntly surrenders to the strength of this man. D. made his position clear from the very beginning and put her at the lowest level. She liked the idea of weekly meetings to be painted and touched on the one hand. »Blonde« is his slave, submissive, longing for his favor. Anything he says had be exactly the as he advises. If she doesn’t obey, he would punish her, so the basic conditions for this game.


»Don’t move, if you move I need to punish you my little pet.«

So she obeys and awaits further instructions. Ten minutes bent over a wallpapering table feels like an hour when you cannot move. She stirs herself carefully, only on the tip of her toes and feels the friction of her hip bones on the hard wooden table. D. is completely clear and controlled in what he does, he draws »Blonde« without rush. She’s getting moist. The warm juice beads down on her thighs. D. strokes the inside of her thighs with his pencil as he sees what happens. Every single touch of him, no matter how insignificant, ignites an orgasmic feeling of excitement in her.

»Turn around!«, he demands and she does as he commands, without resistance. Control get’s him going, to see that she does everything he asks. »Blonde« is standing in front of him, looking forward to this intoxicating scenario. He kneels down, looks her in the eyes and licks her inner thighs, where once the lustful juice ran down. He licks the sweet leftovers with pleasure. In its authoritative presence, she feels so innocent. His eyes are dark, almost black, his face so distinctive, his bushy eyebrows are the perfect setting for his masculinity. He straightens her skirt and stands up in front of her. They stare at each other for a moment. The shy »Blonde« meets a mighty power here. D. leads them to a couch. It’s on the other side of the studio. He sits down as she stands in front of him.

“Take off your clothes!”, he says with a calm but very decisive tone. “Everything?” she replies shyly.

D.’s gaze changes, his eyebrows form a strict expression: »Don’t make me angry, just do as i say!« He pulls »Blonde« towards him and slaps her face slightly. Slowly she slips down her skirt and opens her bra; in an intimidated position. She stands between his legs, skirt and bra lying on the floor. Blonde strands all across her sweaty face. He first draws her from behind, then turns her over gently. She obeys and does not move. »Blonde« once again gets to feel how it excites her to know that he portrays her, how he watches her and he is completely clothed while she is defencelessly at his mercy.



»Blonde« didn’t move, she did everything exactly as he ordered. So »Blonde« is rewarded.

He grabs her and throws her on the couch. »Blonde« is sitting on his lap, and he fingers her naturally like it can’t be any other way. He senses how wet she is and how she’s longing for him. D. strokes her hard, sometimes softly. He kisses her entirely body. She gets hot and automatically reaches for his cock because she can’t help it. He allows it without punishing her. He’s aroused, but he’s still keeping himself under control. She kneels naked between his legs, opens his belt and the zipper of his pants. His hard tool seems enormous between her tiny fingers, while they move up and down on him gently. She loved his cock, his scent. She wanted to inhale it, feel it in her. She rubs her mouth on his swollen cock, almost animalistically. His hands are caressing her blonde hair as he pulls her face back to her, and whispers fondly: »You are such a good girl. Now, leave!«

»Blonde« comes and goes as he pleases. She wasn’t ready, she wasn’t prepared for so many things yet, the only thing she knew at that time was that she wanted to keep this going. She was in obedience to him and couldn’t help herself. Her role was cut to size. He gave her the book with the drawings, she took it with her and brought it back with her every single sitting.

Arriving home,»Blonde« scrolls through the book and slides her fingers over the picture she is holding on to for a moment. In this picture she sees a wonderful pencil drawing. Her vulva, buttocks, the raised skirt that gently frames her outer thighs and detailed drops of lust running down her insides. He manifested it all down to the last detail.