The same hotel, a new room



Just how different dates can be, even if they take place according to the same pattern and sometimes you have the feeling of experiencing the same thing over and over again, only that another person is standing in front of you, this story has taught me better. At the Kurfürstendamm you usually meet international guests and meet them in the lobby of the hotel.


So I’m sitting in the lobby of »Hotel Palace« listening to the wonderful piano sounds while waiting for Noah. Noah is my date for this evening and I found the whole atmosphere very elegant from the beginning. A Parisian has chosen this hotel, it was after my taste, I was looking forward to a convivial evening with a few drinks and us getting to know each other. Somehow I had certain expectations when I wrote with Noah before, he seemed very appealing to me. As it turned out, Noah was in a bit of a hurry, but soon he made me realize that he wanted to go straight to the room with me. I rushed through my Gin Tonic and the only time we had for superficial fuss was during a shared cigarette in the cozy smoking room. I missed the piano player and his wonderful music, I missed staying for a longer moment.

I hadn’t imagined the evening to turn out this way, but I found him attractive and understood his desire to quickly disappear in the room with me as a compliment. In his room everything went very quick, he undressed me, sat down on the couch and let himself be blown with indulgence while I was on my knees in front of him. Then he threw me on the bed, got rid of his clothes, put a condom over and slept with me. I don’t think it took longer than ten minutes, a time lapse moment crept in and I wondered if it was because of the Gin Tonic that really wanted to be enjoyed without any form of rush. Noah came, I didn’t, he gets dressed, I get dressed and we were back in front of the hotel with one last cigarette and a polite hug. »Merci Noah et bonne nuit!« were my last words when I walked the streets to the zoological garden with my cigarette. It didn’t even last for the length of this cigarette, I thought and looked at the clock, the evening had just begun.


Another day, another dress. I walk along Budapester Street. Today I’m meeting Søren. Søren is from Sweden and I am as always very curious. We meet in the hotel lobby and there we have it: I know this piano, the piano player, the atmosphere, I’ve been here before. How many times have I changed hotels, but for a short time I lost my breath. Then I thought of a magical turn of events, maybe this evening would live up to my expectations, unlike Noah, maybe this time we had time for a few drinks, meaningful conversations and a pampering program afterwards which will be remembered?

Søren is sitting in a club chair, a perfect gentleman. He takes care of my coat and has already ordered a bottle of red wine for us. He is not as physically attractive as Noah, but Søren inspires me with his nature through and through. We have so much to tell each other that sex isn’t even thought of for a long time. He makes me laugh, after a few hours we decide to go to the room together.

We sit on the bed as he opens the next bottle of wine. I remember the smell of orange peel on his fingers as he holds my face in his hands and kisses me tenderly. The same hotel, a new room, everything is different today. Slow Motion, every moment is savored, every caress has its own character. I was already a little tipsy, but nevertheless I appreciate the intensity of uniting with Søren. He cared for me, loved every single cell of my body, celebrated the twitching in my fierce orgasms, he knew how to get a woman to climax. He didn’t care about his satisfaction, he wanted to watch, his only goal that evening was to make me happy.


After this intoxicating experience of multiple orgasms I was happy. We stayed in bed together for a while and drank and enjoyed the french wine cuddling. I had to smile when I peeped the bottle and took a look across the room. The room was similar to the other, but completely different. The arrangement of the furniture was the same, the colors were not recognizable. I kissed Søren’s face, his cheeks, his forehead, his mouth. I was grateful for that evening. I kissed his fingers, which still smelled like orange peel, and said goodbye. With a smile I looked back and for the first time I got into the taxi directly at the front door of the hotel. That evening there was nothing to digest, nothing to think about, I was fulfilled in every sense.

And again I think: how different encounters can be, how differently small details can change everything. I forgot the evening with Noah, it’s blurry as if it had never been there, but I’ll probably always remember the time with Søren. The various smells, the texture of his skin, his facial expression while he satisfies me, the drops of sweat on my breasts. Blessed I nod off during the taxi ride, thinking I was never more satisfied after a date.