How to Choose the Perfect First Date Outfit

Don’t know what to wear? We’ve got some tips for putting together the perfect first date outfit you can feel confident in, so take a look.


Colors have an extraordinary impact on human psychology, advertising is a classic example of how color theory is utilised to elicit a reaction. Pastel shades evoke a feeling of calmness whereas vibrant colors induce perceptions of energy and liveliness. You can convey a lot about yourself by simply matching the color of your clothes to the impression you want to make. Of course you can always go down the opposite route and wear black. Black signifies mystery and will arouse feelings of intrigue – if that’s what you want.



There are too many articles out there telling women to not wear clothes that are too revealing. At Ohlala we believe you should wear whatever you want. Foster a positive self-image. You’re not an attention seeker, you just like the way you look and there is no ulterior motive. It’s your body and you can do whatever you please with it. Be comfortable and don’t conform to anybody else’s expectations.



This ties in closely with our advice on how revealing you want to be on a first date. Generally speaking anything and everything you like about your body is perfect to show off. Whether it’s a high waisted skirt to flaunt those ace pins, or plunging necklines to show off your chest – if you’re proud of it, show it off. Using color theory to compliment skin tones and eye color is also a great idea. Make sure you look your best for you, everyone else is just a bonus.


If you’re the type that likes a bit of makeup we’ve got a few tips to help you achieve the look you want. Firstly, if you’ve got oily skin or tend to sweat a little bit under pressure then we suggest using light powder around your T-Zone. This will stop your face from getting shiny or greasy looking. Eye makeup can be another area of difficulty. If you’re going for a more natural look then a brown mascara along with a neutral hue eyeshadow would compliment it well. If you want to go down the completely opposite route then black mascara and smoky eyeshadow will achieve big dramatic eyes.


At Ohlala we don’t want to tell you what to do, we just want to share bits of info that have worked for us in the past. You know what you feel great in and there’s no substitute for confidence. Ultimately the perfect first date outfit is one that you feel confident in so wear that for the best results.

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