What to Do in NYC?

Whether it’s a date you’ve got with or without us at Ohlala, we’ve compiled a list of 14 things to do in NYC this month. Outdoorsy, indoorsy, or whatever your pleasure – there’s something here for everyone. Enjoy our April 2016 edition of What to Do in NYC.

1. International Pillow Fight Day

April 2, Washington Square Park

IPFD (I guess that’s the right initialism..) takes place annually in over fifty countries worldwide, so get a pillow, amass at Washington Square Park and from hell’s heart stab at thee. After the cotton conflict you can donate your pillow to Dare2B, who fight child homelessness in NYC, futhermore the designated after-party is a benefit for them too. Only $10, and you’re going to be thirsty after all that pillow fighting.


2. Earth Day

April 22, Everywhere

Not so much an event but an annual excuse to ditch the TV, the laptop, the smartphone and get outside to celebrate every other Mother’s day. Pick a park or green space, pack a lunch and enjoy the day in celebration of nature, the Earth, and everything that cannot be plugged in.

(Mother’s day is still on though, May 8th, no excuses!)


3. Brooklyn Folk Festival

April 8-10, St. Ann’s Church

The 8th annual instalment promises three days of instrumental workshops, thirty bands, film screenings, dancing, jams, and their famous ‘Banjo Toss Contest’ which is pretty self-explanatory. If the idea of old-time string-band music, folk, blues, jug band, bluegrass and myriad other sub-genres and offshoots of folk spanning three days gets your moonshine proofing (it’s a phrase) then come along and stamp your feet and whoop.

4. Weezer

April 1, Rough Trade

Record store gigs, The Good Life. Weezer will be promoting their new record The White Album – their fourth self-titled and first concept album since Pinkerton. (aka the best album ever). Everything Will Be Alright In The End was a fairly sincere return to the Weezer of old, so I have hope that this latest offering builds on the progress of EWBAINE. If you do too, then check them out at Rough Trade this weekend.

5. The Smashing Pumpkins

April 4-6, Beacon Theatre

With the founding member of The Smashing Pumpkins (James Iha) returning to the band after a long long hiatus, TSP has shot back up to the top of everybody’s band bucket list, so why not yours? They’re in town for a few days and well worth seeing if only for a misty eyed rendition of 1979.

6. Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band

April 23-25, Barclays

Hitting the road again in promotion of The Ties That Bind: The River Collection, expect business as usual from The Boss. I.E beers, knee drops, signature moves, mass singalongs and epic nostalgia. You owe it to yourself to get a ticket.

7. The Tribeca Film Festival

April 13-24, Various Locations

In the news recently over the withdrawal of an anti-vaxxer documentary made by former Doctor Andrew Wakefield, this year’s selections are, as always, an overwhelmingly impressive wealth of breakout talent, A-listers, buzzworthy films and international wonders. If, like many many others you’re having a hard time choosing, the official websites ‘Discover’ tool can help you unearth the hidden gems that are ever present year on year at the Tribeca Film Festival. In addition to film, the Festival Hub is showcasing VR, interactive installations, talks, and more. The Hub is being held at Spring Studios, and more information can be found here.

8. Hello, My Name is Doris

April 1 onwards, Spectrum 8 Theatre & Other Locations

“After a lifetime of being overlooked and ignored, a woman of a certain age (Sally Field) finds her world turned upside down by a handsome new co-worker.”
Field’s first leading role in twenty years is, at first glance, a twee and saccharine affair, but her performance as a 60 year old who is simultaneously coming of age and having a mid-life crisis will charm and disarm any cynicism the synopsis may have fostered. Watch it for Field’s, stay for her beehive.

9. The Photography Show

April 14-17, Park Avenue Armory

Celebrating its 36th year, The Photography Show (presented by AIPAID) will be held in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. With more than 80 of the world’s leading photo-art galleries exhibiting at the event. The show will commence with an exclusive preview, which will take place on April 13th. While you do have to pay for entrance, there will be a free bar at the preview, so really it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Drinking and art, go together like a really impressive and staggeringly accurate simile.

10. The Humans

Feb 18 -Jul 24, Helen Hayes Theatre

“The Humans keenly observes how the angst, anguish and amity of the America middle class are first coaxed – then shoved – into the light in this uproarious, hopeful, and heartbreaking play.” – BroadwayBox
Truly, an exercise in catastrophe, and how we cope with it. Director Stephen Karam channels Chekhov in a true homage to the age old (but incisive) theatrics of laughter through tears.

Photo: Nadav Kandar via www.thehumansonbroadway.com

11. American Psycho

Mar-Sep 25, Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre

Based on the novel (so can we expect him to be called Paul Owen?). American Psycho brings the excess of 1980’s Manhattan right back to the city that first inspired Bret Easton Ellis to pen it. Do you like Huey Lewis and the News?


12. NYC Craft Distillers Festival

April 2, Bowery Hotel

If you missed last week’s craft beer festival then you’re in for some good news! Ditch the weak ass craft ale for a real drink. Hit slugs of moonshine and party like it’s 1920, just without the threat of Prohee’s harshing everyone’s collective buzz. There will be jazz and burlesque on show to further your descent into one of F Scott Fitzgerald’s memories.

13. NYC Hot Sauce Expo

April 23-24, Brooklyn Expo Center

Show your date you have balls and/or a uterus of steel and sample some truly asshole puckering, stomach lining perforating, this-is-too-hot-I’ve-made-a-huge-mistake artisinal hot sauces from the US and beyond. At this year’s expo there will be Margerita-offs, eating contests and an awards ceremony celebrating the best of the diverse and truly eclectic world of hot sauce.

14. Chocolate Fest 2016

April 10, 92nd Street Y

Sampling aphrodisiacs for a few hours. There are certainly worse ways to spend a Sunday. Much like the Hot Sauce Expo there will be plenty of vendors on show, and plenty of opportunities to pair your choc with wine and cheese. It’s a shame both events aren’t falling on the same day as chili and chocolate is confoundingly great.

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