Which movies get you in the right mood for Ohlala?



Last weekend I met a friend in a bar and we discussed wildly about real sex scenes in movies. Because they really do exist. Some directors let their actors get to the point while other scenes are just fake. We googleled instantly and were amazed at the movies in which everything took place as shown. We also shared our favorite sex films, which definitely put you in the mood. Here comes my top 5 of the hottest »love movies« with a fake and real happy ending!



Gaspar Noe’s film »LOVE« is an erotic drama. Staged tragically and sometimes with real sex scenes, it appears even more intense directly in the cinema and in 3D. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should definitely do so. The threesome scene is one of the best I’ve ever seen. From blowjobs to masturbation, everything is authentic and adaptable. The love between Electra and Murphy is the focus of a skillful combination of drama, which can seem a bit melancholy in some parts, but other than that »hats off« for this movie highlight, which will definitely remain in your memory.

By the way, anyone who already knows the scandalous film »Irreversible« by Noé knows what he’s getting involved with, because it’s not something for the faint hearted and has even been banned in some countries. After seeing »LOVE« for the first time in cinema and in 3D, I was a bit irritated afterwards. Caused by Murphy’s escalating, highly dramatic effusions, the time skips and the red light that accompanies the film almost entirely.


2. Nymphomaniac

Clearly, Lars von Trier’s thriller »Nymphomaniac« falls in the same category of films which cause a commotion through extreme sex scenes. These sex scenes, some of which seem to be really brutal, are portrayed with porn actors and vaginal prostheses. So in this case the actors pretended, and when it came to the point, doubles were used.

However, I am more fascinated by the conflict of the actress Joe, in which I recognized myself directly. Love and lust are sometimes not so easy to unite, at least not permanently.

It is about desire, guilt, sin and of course salvation in »Nymphomaniac 1&2«. The comparisons in intellectual history that Seligman – a asexual scholar – tries to get sex-obsessed Joe familiar with in order to calm her mind are astonishing. He repeatedly finds counter-arguments and strengthens her self-image, which is defined by feelings of guilt and self-loathing. The theses explained by Seligman, however, fake connections that do not exist in reality. In this way, Trier exposes philosophical thought processes as illusion. All that’s real here is sex drive and suffering.


3. Last Tango in Paris 

Not real, but rather borderline, you could describe the scene when Paul played by actor Marlon Brando anal rapes his lover Jeanne. But first he rubs her with a piece of butter. The main actress Maria Schneider was not prepared for this scene, by the way, and even though there was no real rape, in that moment real tears ran down her face. She never forgave director Bernardo Bertolucci this humiliation.

Nevertheless, »Last Tango in Paris« for me is a classic among the erotic films. Bad boy Marlon looks really attractive to me for the first time. He embodies the typically dominant style that makes some women weak. Not many words are exchanged, but the physicalities are something.

The film was released in 1972 and caused a lot of turmoil due to the drastic sex scenes, which were unusually revealing for their time. »Last Tango in Paris« was banned in Italy, all copies were destroyed. Bernardo Bertolucci was deprived of his civil rights for five years and actor Brando, Schneider and producer Alberto Grimaldi were sentenced to two months each on probation. It wasn’t until 1987 that the film was removed from the index.


4. La vie d’Adèle

Emma and Adèle play the lead roles in the film »La vie d’Adèle« and whenever I watch this film, I feel like I’m back in my own love affair when I was 16 and nothing seemed unattainable. You’ve thrown yourself at the love of your life without fear of being hurt. Everything felt so simple.

The French director Abdellatif Kechiche has created a true work of art: a realistic love story. The two women meet each other early in their lives and fall in love immediately, later they realize that they are too different. Adèle becomes a teacher while Emma is an artist, through and through. The paths part ways, but their passion never fades.

The sex scenes, which were wonderfully staged, by the way, are not real. Here, custom-fit vagina prostheses were made, which were even provided with false pubic hair.


5. Henry&June

»Henry & June« may be the last on the list, but this movie is my favorite movie. Here poetry meets eroticism. The perfect combination for my taste. Anyone who knows the words of Anais Nin knows what I’m talking about. The plot is based on biographies of Henry Miller and Anais Nin. The 30’s fascinate me. I like the women’s style of dressing at the time, hair, make-up, everything seemed to be somehow harmonious and very elegant.

When you go on a date after this film, the erotic scenes accompany you and a lascivious atmosphere is created by itself. These erotic scenes were reenacted, here sex as such was not the center of the action, but rather the implementation of Nin’s fantasies.

Philip Kaufman wrote the script for the film and also directed it. He has succeeded in reproducing the freedom of movement among the Bohemians in Paris in the 1930s in a slow developing, atmospherically dense film, stylishly, aesthetically and without voyeurism. Anaïs Nin frees himself from sexual conventions and falls in love with Henry Miller and later with his wife June, who is portrayed by Uma Thurman.