Beach Whispers



»Open the door!«, »this is a police operation, open the door!« In the middle of love play Andrew and Irina are brought back to reality. Bright lights blind their tired eyes. »What the fuck?« Andrew tries to cover Irina’s naked body with his. The windows of the Volvo are fogged up by the heat, nothing to see, except the annoying blinds of flashlights, which swirl around hectically. Actually, the two just wanted to make themselves comfortable, actually, the two of them had nothing bad in mind, other than to indulge in their love without hesitation. A love that has just come into being.

He had planned four weeks for his trip to Mexico, this journey was to be extended unintentionally when Andrew lost his credit card one night and forced him to stay longer. A return flight to Sydney wasn’t possible at first. He had to wait for his new card. A misadventure that later surrounds him in a comfy satisfaction.

So it happened that Andrew was only annoyed for a short while about the loss of his lost credit card. This resentment quickly turned into an optimistic view, just as he looked at the infinite expanses of the sea. He would just stay a few days longer in the cosy hostel on the beach. It could have been worse, he thought to himself: At home there was only work, so he welcomed this state of affairs as a rather positive coincidence. Andrew knew how to celebrate, probably it should be like this, probably something special shall happen in the time when he would stay involuntarily in Mexico.

A week ago, on the very day Andrew was following his destiny, he met two friends who were booked in the hostel “Che Babel”. Simone and Adele got to know each other on their trip through America and have been traveling together ever since. Simone came from Switzerland and Adele from France. Andrew was immediately sympathetic to the two of them: a big, self-confident, good-looking man. No matter where Andrew appeared, he was the centre of attention, a welcome guest, you just wanted him to be there, he is someone who fills rooms with spontaneous ideas, funny anecdotes, his spirit, his presence. He’s a man who enjoys life. For him, love is like a dance, monogamy does not exist. He calls sharing his mission, for him sex takes place in the mind, the body carries out these natural impulses.

After a short meeting at the hostel, the three friends decided to move on to a party right on the beach. It was a wonderful summer night, the beach, the sea nearby, Adele and Simone were dancing, they looked so damn hot. They kissed in the middle of the dance floor. Then all three of them kissed each other, there was so much love in disguise, but above all respect for this erotic interplay. A bit tipsy Simone, Adele and Andrew jumped into the huge waves of Tulum, surrounded by ice cold water and surrendered to their lust. The cold water made the booze fade, the warm kisses gave a feeling of security, all their touches dissipated in a bundle of three perfect bodies that somehow fit together. The next morning they were lying in the bed of the hostel laughing about their little adventure on the beach. Andrew was happy: first he loses his credit card and then such things happen, exactly as he had foreseen. The two women packed their bags, their journey continued and Andrew said goodbye to them.


A week later, Andrew met the Argentinean Irina in the same hostel. While Andrew is sipping his beer at the bar, Irina sits with him. Andrew has now spent a week longer than planned in Tulum and he knew it would take a little longer before his credit card arrived and he could fly back to Sydney. The little adventure with the two girlfriends haunted wildly in his memory. Irina is unbelievably beautiful and he likes her company, even if they can’t talk, they exchange an incredible amount of words with simple hand signals, they understand each other. Above all, however, they exchange touches, a small hug here, deep glances there, the air literally burns with desire.

The two rent a car to drive along the beach of Tulum. The hostel is too crowded, both want to exchange more than secret strokes under the blanket, they want to turn on each other wildly, fuck, scream, be spirited, in a place where they can live it out with a heavenly scenery, the sound of the waves, which whip against the cliff carried by the wind.

Irina sits on Andrew’s lap and takes off her shirt. Her breasts are perfect, her skin smooth and soft. He must touch her, feel her warm body. He caresses her breasts, strokes her belly. His hands wander between her legs under her skirt. She moans with passion as he grabs her buttocks briefly with his hands to put her in the back seat. Andrew bends over Irina, he pulls her skirt and panties down and undresses. Just as he’s about to get inside her, there’s a knock on the window. »Open the door!«, »this is a police operation, open the door!«…


As it turned out later, this was a typical example of Mexican surveillance in the sense of bribes. The two policemen watched them and only struck them at the moment when they were really clearly in the middle of it. After several attempts to end the situation peacefully, Andrew paid the demanded bribe. The policemen left the beach and told them that they could finish if they wanted to. Andrew and Irina drove back to the hostel as fast as possible. During the journey they laughed and cried about this absurd situation, a situation that led them more to each other. Irina came to Sydney for a few months, they loved each other without compromise. Even though they are no longer a couple today, Andrew likes to look back and enjoys the memories, the overlap of erotic encounters and the strange event with the two policemen on the beach of Tulum. Tulum, yes, that was definitely worth a trip with unplanned extension.