»Red» can’t wait to see D. again. There have been some sessions between them and »Red’s« feelings have changed. Today is the day she is allowed to visit him in his apartment for the first time. He texted her: »Today you come to me, and i will tease you a bit my little pet.« She loves the way he communicates with her, she already knows that she feels more for him and every sign, no matter how small, makes it more clear that she has gone too far, that she is way too deep in this fatal game to simply let go. This sweet feeling of passionate caresses and the bitter reality of punishment turn her into an unbridled nymph. She often catches herself provoking his hard hand, she can’t breathe without this attention. She wants to be loved or hated. D. has transformed her from a slave for pleasure to an obsessed love slave.


»You will wear a dress when you come to me. When you enter the room i will blindfold you. I don ́t want you to see any of my private stuff. This is way too far, but you know that I trust you with this. So don ́t make me angry again«

»Red« diligently prepares for this encounter. She wears a black kimono dress, lace briefs and bra as well as a black, almost transparent pantyhose. She brushes her red long hair, her eyes she accentuates only a little, but the red lipstick is essential. Facing her reflection she feels like another person, still »Louise«, still »Red«, but a third person is mixed within. She doesn’t recognize that character as her own, it seems threatening, and she is aware of that at this very moment.

The steps of the huge old building seem to have no end and she feels excitement, hectic molecules whirl through her whole body. Every time she meets D., she is impetuous, almost restless, sometimes she misses this excitement in current encounters, a serene feeling has crept in and has never left her since.

His apartment is on the 5th floor, the door is already open as she slowly enters: a gentle hug, a kiss on the cheek and then he turns her over. He blindfolds her. »Red« didn’t see much, but she was able to catch a glimpse into the living room, candles, a cosy atmosphere, he tried hard. And she trusts him blindly, whether blindfolded or not. He takes her hand and leads her into the living room, slowly undresses her. She finds this moment extremely arousing. She stands in front of him, unable to see a thing and all her other senses intensify. He opens the belt on her kimono dress. He looks at her by candlelight. He strokes her breasts under her bra, he takes off her tights while he kneels in front of her. He kisses her belly and the dress falls to the ground weightlessly. He pulls her panties down and slides his fingers between her legs. She’s so damn wet every single time he does those things to her. There she is – naked, blindfolded. Her red hair covers her breasts and D. watches her for a while. He reaches for her mouth with a glass of wine. He leaves the room for a brief moment, she can sense his shoes on the hard wooden floor.


»Are you a good slave?«, he asks determinant, as he re-enters the room.

»Yes, Sir!«

»Good Girl, then let me do as I please, don ́t question anything again, or I need to punish you very hard!«

«Yes!«, »Red« adds whispering. Deep inside her she is attracted to this dark side and to this game of her being his obedient lover, because the reality is: »Black« already gained power.

»What? I can’t hear you.« His voice is fueled with anger.

»Yes, Sir, I will be a good girl from now on, I promise!«

»Good! That’s my girl!« He takes her by the hand and asks her to bend over. She can’t see anything, she probably leans over a bed guessing by it’s height. He stands close behind her, she can feel his hard cock on her buttocks through his jeans. He briefly rubs himself against her, takes a step back, pulls the belt out of his trousers and beats her with it.

Two short but heavy blows that raged in him draw »Red’s« tender skin and make her scream. She didn’t expect it. If D. can’t control himself and things don’t go his way, he can react very extremely for a short moment. Red knows that, and that third person inside her loves it. Hard blows make her climax, which is why she almost begs for it later on, while »Blonde« didn’t have much of a thing for it, she wasn’t used to it. »Red« was rather wild, she liked to provoke and longed for punishment as well as loving hugs, desire was her tool.

After simultaneously spanking and finger fucking her she can’t hold herself up anymore and sinks to the ground trembling.

»Red« thought that was the greatest thing she’d ever know. With blindfolded eyes and her fantasies running through her head. She pictured the whole room, she saw D. as he stands behind here; fully clothed and his beautiful fingers, which she senses in herself and his hard hand, which gives her violent blows with the belt. She lies on the ground and reaches for the sheets. He undresses, she hears his clothes reaching the floor.

»Come my pet. You are such a good girl, make your master proud!«


He carries her to the bed while she loses herself in his naked arms. They hug each other for a moment. Unable to see anything, everything feels even more intense, she caresses his body, kisses his chest, feels the hair between her fingers, she reaches down for his hard cock and puts it her mouth. She sits between his legs, her hands on his chest and his tool deep down her throat. »Red« has no control of her desire for him. She’s his animalistic nymph. D. enjoys her comforting him, he loves to watch his blind slave who only cares for him. He feels satisfaction after punishing her after she has come so tremendously. He let’s her take care of himself and she would do everything exactly as he imagined. He glances between his legs and observes her little fingers stroking his manly breast, he celebrates this view. »Red« with blindfolded eyes and her hasty mouth. He comes with a short, deep sigh and pulls her face aside. Caused by this unexpected reaction, »Red« loosens her blindfold. Here & now, there are no more roles anymore. Sincerity and unspoken desires reflect in her glistening eyes. She licks the sweet juice off of his belly.

… to be continued…