Exactly one year ago, Lila spent two weeks in California. She planned a road trip with a photographer from New York, who inspired her very much. They shared the same passion and wrote nearly on a daily basis without ever having met each other. Lila loved such adventures, they were entirely to her taste. She could project a thousand fantasies onto one person this way. The idea of spending a trip through the California desert with a stranger set her off.

In LA, Lila stayed in a vintage trailer via Airbnb, which parked in a huge loft. She felt particularly at home in the Art District in downtown LA. For two days she ran aimlessly through the streets shooting pictures. She met a Uber driver when she was lost on the hills and the way back seemed infinitely far away. The Uber driver showed Lila his city, the following day he drove her to Hollywood, Santa Monica, Malibu and Beverly Hills. She took her pictures and invited him to the dinner to thank him. Somehow this happens all the time when Lila travels alone, someone always takes notice, sees her camera and wants to show her his personal impressions. Lila spent an evening with a man she met via the American dating app »WhatsYourPrice«. Of course she was curious and wanted to know how a paid date actually works in America. They didn’t have sex, but a good evening with drinks and flirting, so much for that.


Lila was really looking forward to the upcoming time with Jimi, fantasizing about their first night together in Palm Springs and the special hotel he had booked before: when foreign bodies meet, driven by heat and excitement. She went back into her trailer and stroked her thighs, which were sweaty from the Californian embers. Lila imagined Jimi’s hands on her inner thighs rising and wandering, his fingers gently striping over her panties, then hastily slipping under them. This thought alone brought her to a climax. She didn’t want to slide in her fingers herself, she wanted to keep all these encounters preserved for him. After a long abstinence, he should be the first to penetrate her. His figure circled in her head, his big hands resting on her delicate thighs. Lila was always torn between slender bodies that radiate a certain femininity and those that couldn’t be more masculine.


She never felt strange with Jimi. When they met, he was exactly as she had imagined him. Virile, strong, with the distinctive features of a Navajo. They did not need many words, this understanding was deeper and the journey had only just begun. In their fantasies, Lila dreamt of wild sex scenarios while visiting the planned places here and there. She wished for a never-ending love adventure paired with passion and exploration. Jimi had other ideas, though. He wanted to get to know Lila, meet her amicably and hump her every once in a while, but his interest was in exploring landscapes and not only in exploring her body. It took Lila a moment to understand that this was going to be different than she had wished. They got used to each other. Suddenly she had the feeling that she had skipped the important stages, she felt so familiar with Jimi as if they had left behind a long time of partnership. Exhausted, they fell on the hotel beds night after night, too many impressions had to be reflected, the desert heat played its part. Lila and Jimi crossed the Route66, temperatures of 47 degrees reached their peak.


They had a very loving interaction and told each other intimate confessions from the past. Jimi liked this familiarity, the feeling of having a strange friend at his side, turned him on. Then he climbed up Lila and embraced her little body as if it were his property. Lila liked this side of Jimi, often she had perceived this irrepressible desire so strongly that she burned up inside and the sweet juice flowed over her thighs. She longed for his attention, she longed for his touches. The distance he created every now and then made her uncomfortable and at the same time she felt even more drawn to him. When he took what he wanted, she felt a certain desire. He just had to look at her, touch her belly with his fingers and she came to climax. When he penetrated her, she clawed her fingernails into his flesh. She wanted him to fill her up all the time, whispering in his ear, quietly and exhausted: »Please, don’t stop!«


The days were getting shorter and the moment of farewell was approaching. On the beach of Venice Beach she was laying in his arms and thought about what would happen afterwards. She thought of New York, she thought of Berlin, she thought of California. He took her to the airport, they hugged each other, said goodbye, let go and remained silent.


Even today Lila likes to think of these memories that have awakened a different yearning in her. Jimi has given her more than the long awaited nights when her bodies merged incessantly. He made her feel like she had arrived, she felt at home with him. She likes to philosophize about the last hours together in the sand of Venice Beach, where she rested with her head in his arms, listening to his breathing, while Jimi held her hands tightly and the scent of burnt wood flowed through Lila’s nostrils. »Your scent stays in the air!«