Enjoy love for three with ease



When couples are looking for a third person for their love play, you should think that the common sexuality remains in a state of stagnation, the relationship may be playing the same melody in a continuous loop for years, the everyday life changes the moments of enjoyment or one has the feeling that one already knows everything about the other. I experienced that side, but was also surprised how many newly in love couples long for a third partner and like to test different combinations. So it is no longer just a question of whether one’s own relationship has lost sexual strength after several years of being together, but rather whether people have become more open-minded and a threesome is almost part of the daily routine.

But how to fulfill the wish for a threesome without risking to lose your own relationship? I did a little research and came up with my own thoughts. Here are a few guiding tips that make the threesome special and to make your own partner appear even more attractive in the future.


1. Communication

The basic requirement in a relationship: talk openly about feelings. Respectful interaction stands and falls with communication. If I cannot express my wishes, my relationship will not be crowned with happiness. The result of silence usually leads to cheating. Only if I am able to talk to my partner about sexual desires and preferences can I change the situation. Many fears usually lead to stagnation, which in turn leads to betrayal or the end of a partnership.

If I notice that I am missing something sexually, why not discuss it with my partner? After all, he is the one who understands me best and maybe a special idea, like that of the threesome, is enjoyed and one discovers that the partner shares the exact same fantasies. If you then decide to take this step and bring a third person on board, then a few things should be clarified beforehand.


2. Organization

The organization for a tripartite experience in a partnership should definitely be addressed, only this way I can avoid that this adventure does not take the wrong direction. Jealousy issues in particular can get completely out of hand here. So when we decide on a third person, it is important to clarify which person we want it to be. Male, female or both? Where do we find this person? Which fantasies want to be lived out, what would totally turn on my partner, what would he rather not like. If jealousy is not a big issue because the relationship has already reached a completely different dimension, even the position of the spectator alone can provide extreme climaxes. When I see what my boyfriend does to the other person, it can make me lose my mind or I feel offended. The attention must be equally balanced. If I feel like the fifth wheel, my own relationship is probably long gone.

Therefore a threesome is always dangerous, only if both partners agree one hundred percent and are prepared for this kind of fun, only then you canĀ actually call in a third person. After all, this experience is supposed to be an amusing experience for everyone and not to create awkward feelings. Similarly, for the person involved, this combination represents a risk, knowing that he or she is entering into a relationship and does not want to feel strange. The third person also has feelings and needs that long to be satisfied.


3. Go’s and no go’ s

This sensitive issue should be addressed if I want to experience certain sexual desires only with my boyfriend, for example. Is it ok if my partner satisfies the third person orally, what about contraception, anal intercourse etc.? All these issues can be addressed in advance to avoid frustrations. In the face of this special experience, you should always be certain of one thing: A threesome in a functioning relationship means the highest trust and respect towards your partner. After all, you share an everyday life together, you know each other, you appreciate each other. So that such an adventure can sweeten the next day and enshroud you in pleasant thoughts for a few months, I think that only one rule is important and should always be applied in the context of a good partnership: Talking! What are my own thoughts and desires good for if I cannot fulfill them, if I don’t dare to integrate them into my relationship?

For me it is quite clear: If I have found my partner in crime, who lives as wildly and passionately as I do, but who also sees respect and loyalty as a link in this relationship, then nothing can shake this relationship, quite the contrary. Then such an experience will increase the attraction towards my partner enormously and strengthen the relationship. I feel as a whole and maybe you will fulfill some common desires more often, which lie outside of the threesome. How about a visit to the swingerclub a la “Eyes wide shut”?

I fantasize a little bit further and see him right in front of me: The man of my dreams!