Arousing words for a happy end


Dirty Talk, an art that not everyone is able to master and which is not suitable for everyone. However, anyone who has ever had a taste of it will appreciate the infatuating effect. For me, words that excite the mind are decisive, because this is the only way i reach climax. Whether they are spoken out loud or only exist in my head is actually irrelevant. Even while masturbating, I imagine the person that excites me saying something to me while being watched. Oddly, my thoughts switch to English, English Dirty Talk has simply burned itself into my brain and doesn’t exist in the German language. Nevertheless, the chosen words, whether German or English, can have an immense impact.

If I do everything right, my deepest desires come true, but simply a wrongly chosen nuance in tone can destroy everything and my libido is out the window. So how do I get my partner to climax with »Dirty Talk«?


1. Openness

Those who don’t talk openly about sex will also have their difficulties with »Dirty Talk«. This applies always and everywhere: Topics need to be addressed openly. Even in the 21st century, the cards are still not laid out on the table and the motto: »Silence is gold, talking is silver« breaks many revelations who then disappear in Nirvana. Sex is natural, sex belongs to our everyday life like eating and sleeping and yet this topic is only communicated whisperingly. Speak up, out with the feelings, the unfulfilled fantasies, with that begins a new journey and whoever is brave enough will appreciate it, even if some well-founded friends will be lost along the way. This is the beginning that will enrich every life, if I have dared to start it, I will also become more open in sexual matters. I communicate with my body, I know what i like and I want to share that. I also get to know my partner better, which parts of his body would like to be stroked in which way, what to say when I caress his thighs and whisper: »Do you like that?«.

The times of silence are over, at least in German beds. Take your chances, try it out and start with tender words, upgrading is always possible.


2. It’s not what you say, but how you say it

My experience has shown that it is not always what you say that really matters, but how you express yourself. So even hard words like: »You dirty bitch« or »I will fuck you hard«, by a man who radiates dominance, can make you completely lose your mind. On the other hand, there is the beloved one, who lets you understand tenderly that you are the only one for him during your love play. With a deep look accompanied the words: »You are mine«, or »This is fucking special«, you melt away. I remember the scene from the movie Nymphomaniac when Joe said to her lover: »Fill all my holes«, these words and the way she said them turned me on so much that I sometimes catch myself using those words in my head when masturbating or in the aphrodisiac frenzy of love.

Language in general is very sensual and can make a difference, I am thinking of a date with a Frenchman. This accent still makes my knees soft. When he fingered me and watched my body, he asked me: »You like that?«, actually an indirect question, because apart from moaning and a tender »Yes«, I didn’t have much left to say. I whispered to myself: »I love your french accent, i love that so much«. Then I grabbed his arm, kissed him, threw him on the bed and took over. We came together, so intense, so loud. Language was the trigger for my reaction, our reaction. And at the same time I thought he could have said anything, all his words had brought me to climax.


The combination of action and language during making love encourages longing lustful feelings. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what we say, what matters is how we say it.


3. The psychological factor

From a psychological point of view, words and an insight into my or the partner’s erotic world of thoughts have a great effect. As a result, boundaries are exceeded and the horizon is widened. Of course, »Dirty Talk« is not a must if you’re not the type for it, but if you’ve always cherished such fantasies, you should articulate them. If you do everything right, this kind of sexual perception offers a real kick and can greatly improve your sexual behaviour.

So my tip: Turn on your mental cinema, let your thoughts run free, communicate and immerse into the world of filthy words.