5 Types of Men You’ll Meet While Dating in NYC

It’s hard to imagine that the place which gives you the tiny indie delight, the Metrograph Cinema, is also the same city that forces you to stand in line at Ko and then dish out nearly $200 per person! Variety is the essence of New York and that’s why you are sure to date diverse types of men if you live here. Below is our lighthearted and loose description of the types of men you will meet if you plunge into the New York dating pool and just what kind of Ohlala date you should plan.


Calling all the Harvey Specters and Bud Foxes to the Ohlala office. Type A personalities are rife in New York City, after all this is the city that for better or worse actually spawned Donald Trump. These guys are the former Ivey Leaguers who don’t take a breath between their play and work hard habits all the way from 30 K preschool, to equestrian equipped boarding academy to university secret society. Nowadays, it’s easier to rub shoulders with them on Stone Street, than to actually get to know one even at Dorrian’s Red Hand since the mysteriously tend to stick to their own even in social settings.

Dating a Workaholic:

Ohlala is all about building bridges and letting you explore the intricately balanced manic ways of NYC’s top try-hards. To plan for the best date, consider something to playfully showcase their competitive edge, for example Belmont Park Race Track, and then drinks in a low key environment such as Bonnie Vee’s outdoor terrace bar in the Lower Eastside. Be warned, do not even consider a night club for fearing of irreversibly letting loose the clubbing night beast.

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They come from one of two backgrounds, but inevitably meet at the same competitive intellectual high ground. There are the well-educated guys from Note Dame or University of Chicago, who feel a little bitter and at sea for having a voice and passion and yet not having it heard as much as they would like. Then there are the self-taught fellas who have are proud to grasp a platform and power that they build for themselves, yet still always compare themselves to their graduate counterparts. Both have the the strength of passion framed by the skill of story telling.

Dating a Blogger:

Consider an option that provokes less discussion about opinion and more about facts or history otherwise you might be faced with their more abrasive side. Consider a date to Hayden Planetarium, or the antique Argosy Book Store.

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Probably a native of the city, and likely working a service industry or non-degree job, these New Yorker’s get their greatest pleasure from being social and keeping tabs of all the local teams. Their most attractive dating attribute is being approachable, easy going and empathetic. Through their social networks it’s also likely that they know a lot more about the city then they let on and most likely don’t feel the need to put a pretentious spin on it.

Dating the Sports Bar Guy

If it seems too good to be true, then it is. Do not go for drinks or else there will be no conversation about anything else than the game following that first sip of beer. Instead, go for something that keeps their minds from becoming fixated, for example a walk along the High Line, Queen’s waterside, or even just Central Park, that way the cultural sites along may inspire a more dynamic conversation on your date.

Cheerful old friends having fun with smartphone and drinking draft beer at bar counter in pub.

They seem to have everything and kind of know it. They have been cultivating their picture perfect lives for a while and in a city composed of 53% women to 47% men, they probably know just how to make women feel welcomed and appreciated. Just don’t be thrown off when they show up to your date wearing khakis and a pastel pullover draper around their shoulders. In NYC, it might be easy to write them off as boring when in actuality they’re simply approachable.

Dating the Family Man

If you ever want advice for anything related to your future, take your date to a location related to the topic and make a game of it. Consider viewing open houses, furniture shops, upscale clothing stores, or even antique markets for future investments. Your companion is likely to have insights into all these domains. Avoid at all costs, talks of past relationships and family building.



Up-and-coming all the way in their fields of comedy, music, painting or even poetry, these guys are the complicated souls of the city. Because of their professions these dates will likely offer a creative and emotional experiences so long as it doesn’t cost too much money. Artists offer the advantage of authenticity, such as in the form of a stylized sketch, or personalized song set to the background of a sunset.

Dating an Artist:

Though it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, if you appreciate quirkiness and are looking to have it matched, let yourself get adventurous with date ideas. Take the opportunity to do something you never have before such as explore an abandoned building, go to the experimental jazz venue, Cornelia Street Café or catch one of the Independent Film Festival’s participants. Do not let yourself get invested just because there is a good level of intimacy and honesty even on the first date though.


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