Thoughts That Go Through Your Mind When He Doesn’t Text Back Right Away

Dating a new man always implies a certain level of awkwardness. Perhaps, the worst component of any early dating ritual is texting…or lack thereof. Messaging is often marked by fear and apprehension, which can last minutes, hours or even days when he doesn’t text back right away. The torturous thought processes can include waves of irrational fear and can even peak in flat-out bullshit. Luckily, if you’re dating on Ohlala all of this can be put in the past.

Heads up ladies!

If you currently find yourself single, anticipate these thoughts about your newest crush when he doesn’t text back immediately in the early stages of texting. Look out, we never said it would be easy to hear, but it is essential for your progression along the dating path.

  1. Hmm, I haven’t heard from him all day
  2. Maybe I should send him a text
  3. Why was his last text yesterday?
  4. But it had an emoji in it… wait but why that one?
  5. I wondering if he’s expecting me to text him?
  6. Hold up, text laws do not state that if he doesn’t write me it he’s forgotten about me
  7. What if he’s just a pro a self restraint, and it trying hard to not come off as needy cause he’s actually super interested in me
  8. Whatever, I’m a modern woman and I will own writing him, I feel no shame!
  9. Dang, what should I write… “Hey there snuggle, how are you?”
  10. Does “snuggle” come off as sexual, what will he think I want from him???
  11. Maybe I should just play it cool and go for the “Hey, how are you?”
  12. No winky face, he’s going to read to much into it
  13. Wait there’s a better alternative “Hey sweetness, how’s your day?”
  14. Sweet is good, he’ll think I bold, confident and cute.
  15. Should I add a smily face, of does that just make me seem like a teen flirt newbie?
  16. Never mind, it’s okay, smily faces are just friendly.
  17. Oh God, here it comes, I’m going to press send…Shit I did it
  18. …Argh, no backies now
  19. No, I’m at peace with this… this feels good, I did the right thing.
  20. Calm down, calm your shit, it’s only been a minute
  21. One minute is nothing.
  22. Two minutes, he’s definitely putting though into what he wants to say, is that good or bad?
  23. Maybe my notifications settings changes in my purse and I can’t see he’s already responded
  24. Still, nothing? What are you trying to say? Come on quit acting cool.
  25. WTF, 6 minutes … he’s just not that into me.
  26. Maybe I missed it, nope still on response.
  27. Why did I figure out this was a terrible idea 11 minutes AFTER the fact?
  28. Why did I ever write him. I’m an idiot.
  29. It’s time to think rationally about this, he’s probably just busy. That’s normal.
  30. Wait what is he doing? Who is he with? What if he’s been in a car accident because of my text?
  31. No definitely has someone else.
  32. There is literally no other reason to not respond
  33. 20 minutes, and I literally have no idea what’s going on!
  34. Okay, I just accept it, that guy is dick, and I do so much better!
  35. I jumped the gun and I’ve scared him off.
  36. There’s no way he’s attracted to my neediness anymore.
  37. Maybe he really just didn’t get my message.
  38. Technology is so unreliable I wish messenger pigeons still existed.. animals are more reliable.
  39. Should I write him another text to see if the first didn’t work?
  40. But if I write him again, and he receives both.
  41. Then he’ll think I’m a control freak and probably also a serial killer.
  42. FUCK. KILL ME.. I’m already dying from humiliation on the inside already.
  43. 34 minutes… this seriously blows.
  44. Honestly, he’s just rude and I don’t want a guy like that
  45. Come on, writing a message only takes 2 seconds!
  46. So I’m not worth 20 seconds of this dickhead’s time?
  47. I wonder if my friends have any single hot friends they could set me up on a date with.
  48. I always knew he wouldn’t be my type.
  49. Hold up… ONE NEW MESSAGE!!!!
  50. … and it’s from him!!!!
  51. “Good, and your’s? :)”
  52. Aww, and he added a smiley face too!
  53. But an hour for that?
  54. I’ll send him a sweet reply
  55. … In two hours.

No more ghosting, benching, or endless chats. Know exactly what you want? Join the Ohlala dating revolution instead.

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