Sex resolutions for the new year


The year 2017 is coming to an end and as always there are of course a number of resolutions to improve, where you want to go and what you might even have to say goodbye to. To not neglect the libido, whether in a partnership or as a single, i came up with a few ideas for maintenance/improvement in sexual respects. Sex resolutions make the blood boil again, sex resolutions let us leap over our own shadows, sex resolutions for a happy year 2018.


1. role play

Ever thought about taking on a different role? Role plays loosen up the everyday life in relationships and increase the excitement in tainted dating situations. Before I set out to meet my date, I already feel like a different person. I take on the role of a femme fatale. If the partner wishes for a costume, the concept is perfect and I am happy to take on the role of the strict teacher or the submissive nymph. There is no imagination that can’t be fulfilled as long as you take on this little adventure with a bit of ease.

In relationships, an experience like this can completely reassort sexual behavior, even if you may seem silly, just try it out and not take yourself too seriously. Maybe you have always wanted to be someone else for a brief moment, break out of your ordinary ways, escape your routine. Role play brings life back into familiar patterns.


2. buy more sexy underwear

Especially in long-term relationships, when comfortable cotton panties replace sexy lingerie, one often wonders what went wrong here? For me personally, there should be a ban on this kind of neglect. I always want to feel sexy and expect the same from my partner. Arousing looks are not solely a women’s domain – men also provide more sensuality in bed with the right cover.

Unpacking or watching my partner slowly undress remains a memory. Imagine: a woman in a beautiful dress. She takes off her clothes and I only sense a hint of the texture of her laundry. While the hips circulate gently I hear a melody in my head that does not exist, but I create this moment, a moment that lingers in eternity.


3. try a threesome

The threeway is a wonderful idea to refresh your own relationship, or a nice way to try something different on a date. Almost every woman or man wants to fulfill this fantasy once in a lifetime. Why not in the new year? At Ohlala you often find couples who are looking for a second playmate, or friends who have simply found fun in this constellation. A threesome opens up new horizons.

In relationships, a threesome requires the utmost trust. If you have already found everything you need in your partner, such an experience can further strengthen the feeling of belonging together. Because as they say, no one disconnects you from your soul mate.


4. watch erotic movies together

Personally, I think nothing is more of a turn on than that, at least. Looking at pornography together is my tip for the year 2018, because whether in relationships or when you get to know each other for the first time, if you have watched erotic films together, you might always do so in the future. So why not get a little appetite, with appealing videos? The porn scene is big, there is something for every taste. In my case, it is the pictures, the natural processes that really put me in the mood. No staging, no unnatural bodies with inflated breasts, but the hidden silence in realities. That way porn can turn into something actually romantic: an indispensable element for most women.


5. involving toys

Of course, toys can’t be missing in the new year. With Toys you can discover entirely new highlights and refresh your love life in no time. They are available in different variations to suit the respective requirements. Whether vibrators for couples or single-toys – with these little helpers, you are able to explore your own body and experience what really gets your partner in the mood at the very same time.

How about a blindfold and a pair of shackles? With small things like these, we connect our senses, concentrate solely on the simulation of pleasure without finding distraction in secondary things, such as the appearance, the desire for appealing to our partner. Once you let go yourself completely, you will get to know another level of orgasms. That’s why toys should be on the menu in 2018!


6. sex in a public place

Privacy, a sacred good for almost everyone, and I am usually not a friend of public statements too, such as kissing or being constantly connected to each other. Sex in a public place tops the whole thing again and can be very exciting to a certain extent. I remember the film scene in »The exterminating angels« when the two young women sit in front of the director of the film in the restaurant and he tells them how to touch each other under the table. In this scene, one woman satisfies the other with her fingers while pulling the panties aside underneath her skirt. The director of the film observes them both with pleasure and they also long for his eyes. The waitress was the only one who witnessed this spectacle. At first she was embarrassed, she didn’t know how to react to this situation. When the three actors leave the restaurant, she walks to the front door and looks eagerly into the darkness.


Maybe sometimes you have to leap over your own shadow, get out of the comfort zone and face new challenges, even if some things seem inconceivable. I am convinced that certain games, even those that only happen in the mind at first, bring out special desires in us. I look forward to a new year and all the adventures that it provides. In this sense end the year with a big bang, love and live!


Yours, Louise