My Top 5 of Yoga Sex




It’s about time again: After my last excessive nights, which weren’t just limited to the weekend, I’m going to end it! No more alcohol, the countless cigarettes, the blurred stories. No more flashbacks of conversations that may never have taken place and the following days where you’re unable to do anything. I will detox, at least for a while. Not for nothing did I turn my back on my old Friedrichshain neighborhood two months ago and settle down at Savignyplatz with a view to more peace and quiet. Because Charlottenburg means recreation, culture, families, a Sunday that actually feels like a Sunday and yet here I find the usual escapades that remind me that I am not 25 anymore. As per usual I meet strangers in Berlin bars, as always I meet my friends for dinner and afterwards I let it rumble as if summer would never end. But enough is enough! There is a point at which it is time for me to welcome autumn in and so I look forward to the future optimistically with the intention of detoxification: yoga, healthy nutrition, walking & photographing, reading, cinema, exhibitions and all the beautiful things that enrich life are on the agenda. A good moment to stimulate libido with new sporting challenges simultaneously, I thought. So here are my personal favorite Kamasutra positions for you.

»If you don’t take care of this the most magnificent machine that you will ever be given…where are you going to live?«


1.The Frog

My little Kamasutra workout begins with the frog. A position that stimulates the G-spot particularly deeply and requires a lot of sensitivity. The man sits on the edge of the bed or, as shown here, on the stairs. The woman squats in front of him and is able to support her hands on his thighs or hold on somewhere else. Both can set the rhythm while she circles her butt around his sex and he lets his penis in and out by lifting her buttocks in a supportive way. The man can also stimulate the nipples and clitoris in this position.


2. The Sphinx

Positions from behind are always particularly stimulating and above all deep. The Sphinx is a very dominant position of the man towards the woman. While she rests on her forearms and pulls one of her legs, he can bend over her with pleasure and set the tone. He supports himself with his arms and penetrates her with his penis. In this position you can also give anal pleasure. The man should only pay attention that it not become too much too fast, because the penetration is particularly intensive for the woman here.

3. The Butterfly

Oh yes the butterfly. I like this position very much, because you can simply lean back and enjoy the amazing view. I am a fan of visual effects and love to watch my partner doing it.

In this position, the man kneels on the edge of the bed, while the woman lies in front of him with her legs wide open. He lifts her legs slightly and holds them either by her thighs or by her ankles. She can fold her arms behind her head and make herself comfortable. Yet again, the man alone determines pace and intensity.


4. The Erotic V

In the position of the erotic V, two things are essential above everything else: body tension and a table. The woman sits on the edge of the table while the man stands in front of her. Now she supports herself with her legs on his shoulders. He sets the tone by holding her bottom and thus determining the decisive waves of his force of impact. The beautiful thing about this position is that couples still remain very deep eye contact from a distance and can thus put themselves into a trance until they reach orgasm. The Erotic V definitely remains in memory.


5. The Supernova

This position is and continues to be my favorite, at least when it comes to determining the rhythm as a woman. Because here she can do it! The man lies relaxed on the bed with his torso on the floor. The woman kneels over him and can decide freely how deep he may penetrate her, according to her feeling. Whether with circling movements or unbridled pushing, the woman provides herself and her partner quite purposefully with an orgasm in this stance.

Not without reason this position bears the title »The Supernova«. Just like in Tantra the woman can decide over the timing of her and his orgasm and thereby create a chain of several short intense orgasms one after the other, almost explosively. When in a squatting position she spreads her legs wide to be penetrated while transferring her weight on her arms as she continues until he is ready to ejaculate. Shortly before that she falls to her knees, lifting his body from the bed just a few inches. Then she returns to a squatting, leaning position where she rides him until he finally reaches climax.


After these 5 inspiring positions, I’m already looking forward to my individual workout program, which surely isn’t solely about abdication. Because I believe that if you simply shift your energies, give a new direction to the usual course of romantic or friendly dates, such a freely chosen detox cure will definitely result in one thing: an improvement in the quality of life.