Masturbation makes you happy



Masturbation brings out many positive aspects that make you healthy and happy. Strangely enough, this term is still frowned upon. Anyone can talk about sex, but when it comes to solo sex, the sexes divide and not everyone wants to share their thoughts. There is actually almost nothing more beautiful, then lay hand on yourself, whether alone or in front of the partner. Why masturbation makes you happy? Here are the facts!


Only those who know their body well can really enjoy it:

Self-love is a decisive aspect in order to gain self-confidence and to know what you actually like. Self-love starts with reflection. Only if you really love yourself, you are able to love others. The own body should therefore not be questioned and certainly not compared with mainstream figures. Every body is beautiful. Yoga as well as meditation have an influence on one’s own awareness. After three years of yoga, I can only pass on this tip and above all recommend that meditative exercises be incorporated into everyday life. Yoga has changed my life and my mindfulness. I deal better with myself, know what I want, what I prefer to distance myself from and benefit from this self-perception every day. It is therefore important for a healthy self- confidence to deal with one’s body and mind. Almost all of us carry many bad experiences with us. These should be said goodbye to with a clear conscience in order to be able to enter into new relationships. Otherwise, a mental collapse may occur at some point and all the bodies that are left behind collapse with the awkward ego. For me, therefore, self-love starts with the mental state and refers to my body consciousness. Everything is somehow connected and, in my opinion, can only really satisfy you if you are in harmony with yourself and your environment. Therefore, masturbation is not a question of looking at it appropriately or not, it is simply part of a healthy lifestyle and should under no circumstances be tabooed, let alone withheld from oneself.

Solo sex releases happiness hormones, which have been proven to not only lift the mood, but also stimulate the blood circulation and minimize stress. Who knows his body knows how to control an orgasm. »Man« can prolong it and »woman« can come. Masturbation also increases libido and prevents unwillingness to have sex. After my research, a Ménage à Moi also strengthens the immune system, because it produces more white blood cells, which are important for the defense against infection. The dangerous viruses hardly have a chance to develop.



There are no limits to your imagination, whether visually through porn films or your mental cinema, through various toys or by simply putting on your hands. Everyone has their own way of masturbating and different places to masturbate. Whether for relaxing in the hot bathtub, traditionally in bed or comfortably on the couch.

The science of lust shows with OMGYes how women satisfy themselves until
climax. Therefore 1,000 women aged between 18 and 95 from all regions of the USA were asked how they reached their peak and it was found that although each woman has her own method, there are overlaps. The website features 12 categories, 62 video clips in 12 different languages. Different masturbation techniques are explained and demonstrated. In the categories »rhythm«, »swinging up«, »staying up«, »coming more often« or »cushioning«, women can watch how they satisfy themselves and then put their hands on themselves with the help of exercise videos by moving their fingers over a vagina on the screen or trying it directly on their own vagina.


Masturbate together:

Being watched masturbating is a particularly exciting experience that everyone who has a partner should definitely try out. There’s almost nothing more erotic than bringing yourself to a climax like this. When you are constantly seduced to want to touch your partner, but don’t do it, are at their mercy and watch them come. Many couples satisfy themselves at the same time with the aim of getting to know their partner’s sexual preferences. Suddenly you can see at the partner what really turns them on and can use this for the common love play. Tantra also brings out these advantages. It is about developing and exploring your own awareness of your body and a feeling for your partner, taking time, opening up, trusting and letting go.


Touch yourself:

It remains the same: masturbation makes you healthy and happy. You perceive your own needs, you learn to love your body with all its facets and then to share this great love. Those who are afraid of this topic can read various guides, watch instructional videos and will learn over time how good it is to deal with oneself in order to know how to reach climax. Most women experience this moment as a kind of enlightenment, because for years they did not know how to reach an orgasm, but feel how they actually function through their own hands. Perhaps one simply considers it as meditation that brings body and mind together, without all the wicked ulterior motives, but with the consciousness that one is a woman and experiences satisfaction as important as a man and wants to enjoy it to the fullest.

It is time to take care of this perception, to integrate masturbation into everyday life and to always crown sex with your partner and your own orgasm.