Phenomenon Orgasm




Yes and Awww, deeper, faster and just don’t stop… we all want more of it! Today we are talking about the phenomenon »orgasm«, which is not really a phenomenon, but which causes difficulties for many women. Why is it easier for men to reach a climax and what does squirting mean? How often can a woman actually come and what does science say about this topic? Here are all the answers that get you a little closer to the mystery around the climax of women.


Let’s start with a rather rational study, which says that 80% of German men reach their peak, while only 33% of women do so. Scientists have been dealing with this phenomenon for decades and are constantly finding new interesting revelations, such as the super orgasm for men. This orgasm occurs when the prostate is stimulated. A new experience that not every man is prepared to discover, but scientists here speak of the »plasticity of the brain«, practically a »rewiring of the brain« that is not prepared for such surprising accesses. So, whoever wants to experience this super orgasm should perhaps loosen up a little and give his partner access to his back door.

But now we want to know why it is easier for men to reach the climax than for women. There must be a reason for this injustice.

David Frederick, professor of psychology at Chapman University, explained the main reasons why women find it difficult to have an orgasm to CNN :

1. The perception of the body: According to Frederick’s, a crucial factor that leads to a more complicated orgasm ability of women is the perception of their body. Women are much more critical than men, making it more difficult to really let go rather than just enjoy.

2. Social stigma: Especially in relationships there is an imbalance, one partner often has more pleasure than the other. While men rarely overcome their unwillingness for the sake of women, women are often talked into it, even when they are tired or stressed. This makes it difficult to reach a climax.

3. Anatomy: Researchers from Indiana University found out that the structure of the vagina affects whether women can experience an orgasm at all. If the distance between the clitoris and the urinary orifice is less than 2 centimeters, the woman actually reaches a vaginal orgasm after these studies.

It is usually easier for men to have an orgasm because statistics show that they start masturbating earlier than women and because they don’t worry so much about sex. So the man also does not really have control over bringing his partner to the climax, while it is easier for him from a psychological and physical point of view. The woman should therefore definitely get to grips with her body, find out how she reaches climax and then try it out together with her partner.


By the way: Although men and women often perceive sexual intercourse very differently, brain scans show that their brain activity is exactly the same at the moment of an orgasm. In addition, women have the advantage that they can come more often than men through clitoral stimulation. The excitement curve of women rises more slowly than that of men and also recedes more slowly. Thus, women stay longer at a high arousal level. Perhaps this is the reason why many women can experience several orgasms relatively shortly after each other. With a few exceptions, this is usually not possible for men.


Let it go, let it flow

Women who already found themselves in the situation of splashing the bed wet during the sexual act and suddenly swimming in a cold pool have most likely squirt. Studies have shown that this is an independent fluid from glands located near the urethra. These glands are called »scale glands«. A composition similar to male prostate fluid. The glands and fluid seem to be some kind of antagonist of the man. There is no real explanation for this, it remains a mystery of evolution, just as why men actually have nipples.

My experience / squirting is not a phenomenon, but a technique: I had the pleasure of squirting several times already, even several times in one night, after that the bed sheet was permeated by liquids. In my opinion it depends on the own relaxation as well as the technique of the man. G-spot stimulation is very important. There are women who can actually squirt in high arcs, I just splash out, I always think about the water breaking on a pregnant woman. Due to the unpopular feeling of having to urinate, many women do not let go of ejaculation and suppress it. Once you let go of this suppressed feeling, you can squirt or splash as you please. For me personally it is not about the woman being able to squirt or not, but the man who knows how to do it.


Last but not least, I would like to draw attention to an interesting project: Beautiful Agony

Beautiful Agony began as a multimedia experiment to test a hypothesis which represents eroticism in human imagery not in naked flesh and sexual illustration, but in the confrontation with the face. Richard Lawrence created »Beautiful Agony« in 2004 because he was often annoyed by erotic films before. »The actual erotic is ignored: the face. One loses control and becomes vulnerable«. The founder sees the site as an art object and not as porn: »A real face and real orgasms, that is the pure opposite of porn«. Beautiful Agony is updated at least 5 times a week with new orgasms and confessions from around the world.