Sperm – the erotic game with the ejaculate




Whether Cumshot, Snowballing or Creampie, the male ejaculate offers various possibilities to include it in love play, even if this is not every man’s/woman’s thing. The milky consistency can be fun in many ways and create more closeness in a partnership. Today I dedicate myself exclusively to this topic and report about diverse play variations, different tastes, the question about health as well as the phenomenon around the dry orgasm.



It all starts with a great blow job

Which woman doesn’t love to satisfy her partner orally? The fact is: women satisfy their men more often orally than vice versa. However, the number of people who really enjoy doing it doesn’t seem to be that high. Statistics show that women often only do their partners a favor by wrapping their cocks with their mouths without really enjoying it. A disillusioning study, I think, and an imbalance that must be corrected by any means. On the one hand, it should be a basic requirement that everyone can enjoy oral satisfaction and on the other hand, of course, it should bring pleasure. A well- meant blow job leads to the man’s highest fulfillment and in some cases ends in ejaculation without actually reaching its climax through sexual intercourse. A fulfillment from which the woman also benefits, because in this way she develops a trusting relationship. Some women are even encouraged to give their loved ones this special pleasure, to blow them to climax and then look into a highly satisfied face. Giving and taking have always been part of relationships, only then you can profit from a lasting, happy partnership.

The arousing scent of the immune system is decisive for the choice of your partner. If you can’t smell the other person, it won’t lead to a relationship. So we actually like to smell and taste the sperm as well as other vapours.


The most popular sperm games:

Cumshot: With the cumshot, sperm is spread over the partner’s body. The man shoots his juice on a certain body region, like breasts, belly, vulva, butt or feet. Cumshot lovers like to leave the love juice here for a while or rub it on their partner afterwards. Facial cumshots are also very popular, at least with men, but not every woman is a fan. Squirting in the face is often suggested as subservience, a subservience that feels strange to most women. With a mature understanding and a different perspective, this kind of squirting can subconsciously express something else, namely that there is almost no sexual threshold between both partners.

Snowballing / Cum Swap: In this game the sperm is licked off and then passed on to the partner by kissing from mouth to mouth. Not an unusual arrangement, considering that after oral satisfaction of the woman french kisses are exchanged in most cases. Snowballing or also Cum Swap is used with balanced partnerships as well as with the humiliation of a submissive man who takes back his own sperm.

Creampie: The name is a very suitable term for this kind of sex game. Here, the man ejaculates into his partner’s vagina or anus and then looks at the love juice emerging from it. Afterwards one can lick off the sperm then or massage in over the sex of the woman.


Fruits for the taste

We already know that food influences the taste of sperm, so it is not surprising that all the healthy things contribute to an improvement in taste rather than the negative ones. Sweet fruits such as pineapples, melons, mangos, apples or grapes can sweeten the sperm, while garlic, onions etc rather leave a bad taste, due to the high sulphur content. Alcohol, cigarettes and coffee contain harmful substances and have a negative effect on the aroma of the sperm. If you drink a lot of water, you can make sure that your sperm smells good and also tastes good. This may make it easier to persuade your partner to take the sweet juice into the mouth and then swallow it.


Is sperm swallowing healthy?

What’s up with the assumption that sperm is really health-promoting? There are several opinions on this. American scientists have found that sperm from healthy people has a health-promoting effect. Like an antibiotic, for example, it is said to relieve sore throats by laying on inflamed mucous membranes like a protective coating and killing bacteria. The scientists also found that the sperm contains the cheering up hormones prostaglandin and dopamine. It may even have an antidepressant effect.

As good as sperm may be, doctors warn: sperm remains a highly infectious substance that can transmit potential pathogens, especially through the mucous membrane. Hence the recommendation to spit out the sperm immediately, not to keep it in the mouth for a long time, especially if the infection status of the partner is not clear.


Dry orgasm – myth or medicine?

On this subject, too, there are several opinions. To be honest, I’m hearing about a »dry orgasm« the first time myself and found exciting arguments. According to my research, there are those who claim it could be learned and on the other hand those who say that it does not exist at all. Doctors say the dry orgasm is fake, something always comes out. Only in pediatric medicine we speak of a dry orgasm, because the boys are still too small, that no semen flows, because the whole system is not mature enough yet, but the sexually mature man always ejaculates, whether only a few single drops or more.

The other side claims that an intentional induced dry orgasm is usually felt stronger or more intense than an ordinary orgasm, as it also lasts a little longer. Furthermore, this form of orgasm is also the key to a man’s multiple orgasms. By tensing the PC muscle during the climax, which is the same muscle as when the urine is interrupted, no semen flows out. A practice that is also often used in Tantra.

Hmmm…and when the semen flows eventually, what it tastes like? Unfortunately, I have not found any answers to this question so far.