The Future of Relationships



In this article, too, I would like to begin by recalling one of my previous articles in which I dealt with the topic of monogamy and polyamory and asked the question whether the traditional partnership as we know it can still be saved? We operate in a field of tension between the need for stability and the longing for freedom, which creates a lot of room for self-knowledge and which is now increasingly shaping everyday life in relationships. That’s for sure: The future of relationships leads to a liberalization of sexuality and partnership. Sexuality has taken on a different meaning, people are concerned with their needs and reflect themselves on a different level, as living conditions have become more complex. No wonder that couple therapists are more in demand than ever, relationships are lived more openly, and in the near future paid dating apps are going to replace unpaid ones.


The school of love

With the second contribution by Pia Poppenreiter and the title »The School of Love« we take a closer look at the Ohlala ICO concept with regard to the future of relationships and clarify it.

Everything begins with communication. To understand the main components of a vision, to passionately defend its pillars (arguments/justifications), we start by defining what relationships actually are. The first way is »redesigning relationships«, i.e. creating relationships that today are under the control of angry, profit-oriented tools such as swipe apps (Tinder) and data scrapers (Match), and we do so while recognizing the way people interact with each other and seeing them as equivalent to different tastes and desires. Sounds simple, but it’s not. People judge what they understand by personal and situational behavior. We have already started a fair discussion on this issue with the Ohlala Manifesto and do not want to repeat it, but rather read it when it is appropriate.


Communication at eye level

There will be a significant investment in a full-fledged online video channel. This means that we will have a series of short and long videos about human well-being, its history and its most popular regional philosophies. It will examine the development of human relations in different contexts from antiquity to the present day and offer general advice to everyone in their own context. Imagine a channel that talks about where love comes from, what love individually means and what young adults can do to maximize their love lives.


Ohlala Home Meet Ups

Home meet ups is the entry into Ohlala’s relationship philosophy in a community. It should be a creative reflection from a manual that we will make available to those who are interested.

  1. To initiate conversations.
  2. Ohlala ambassadors ask questions, break the ice and mediate conversations. They follow lessons that are standardized in a manual but captivate with their own creative interpretation to convey the message.
  3. Meetings begin with introductions, objectives, ground rules and expected results. Everyone installs the app.
  4. Stigma becomes the focus of the conversation.
  5. An invitation to exchange personal stories is issued.
  6. Final meeting with calls to action: Setting up chat groups, destinations, etc. Ohlala Partner Workshops


Ohlala partner workshops 

Holistic entrepreneurs such as spiritual teachers, NVC experts (Nonviolent Communication), yoga studios and so on can offer relationship workshops. It makes sense, as these are often part of a complete feel-good package offered by them. For example, yoga teachers are already getting people to work with their bodies and their minds. Through intensive teaching units, they draw attention to relationships and other human interactions. What we will do is formalize the offer and organize it into something with practical applications and international validation.

  1. A complete relationship training package is offered.
  2. The basics and history of stigmatization will be discussed as a starting point.
  3. It will provide sensible and useful strategies to replace the current way of thinking.
  4. Students and teachers meet at eye level.


Ohlala Official Workshops

In selected metropolitan areas it will make sense for Ohlala to have its own educational centers. They will regularly hold workshops lasting several days for various group sizes, ambassador training sessions, guest speakers and the sale of support material. One of the main offers will be business training.

  1. Official workshops deal intensively with relationships and the human condition.
  2. These workshops include guest speakers.
  3. They are a tool for private individuals and companies alike.
  4. They serve as a starting point for the sale of personal services.


Ohlala’s Workshop Program

The Ohlala workshops are the ideal way for all who are enthusiastic about our mission to surround themselves with like-minded people who are interested in improving their own relationships. These are arranged as intimate conversations and begin with the invitation of a special guest to speak on behalf of the organization. It is about the ability to illustrate the importance of these topics and to have exciting conversations about relationships and their meaningful components: human psychology, emotional availability, stress, coping mechanisms, sex, family, etc… It is about a person’s ability to lead a group and lead to successful interaction. It is usually a combination of enabling a free flow of dialogue and ensuring that those with greater impact potential are given their chance. It is about a person’s ability to formulate the terms of commitment succinctly and to build up an argumentation sheet that makes sense.


Sum up

The future of relationships is not created through the advertising of sellers in Silicon Valley, but through public discussion, investment and passion. Therefore we will find the right combination of passion, expertise and experience. In doing so, we draw on the expertise of personal service providers we trust. We will use their efforts in combination with our understanding of our needs and expect this expertise to help us define a specific strategy. To hire the best people, it is important that we select those who have understood or have reached a point in their lives where the relationship discussion is already natural. As a result, our core team will naturally be more open to the desire to revolutionize »dating« as we know it.

»It is up to all of us to be involved in building a world of »better relationships«, to take the vision into our own hands and to find a way to capture meaning from it. It makes no sense to build a world for ‘us’ while thinking only of the self.« Pia Poppenreiter