Are you prepared for your first at home date?

It’s just about that time when you are considering inviting your date over to your place, and sure you’ve put your socks in the dirty laundry, but there are other things to consider. Even though the atmosphere of an at home date is meant to be casual, you’re panicking over what your date will be thinking about the intimate elements that they could learn about you from your home. Ohlala, has compiled a list of New York’s best sources for furniture and home decor to fit your personality and help you send the right message.

1. Colleen and Eric: Furniture Design


modern interior

Think elementary shapes and pastel colors so simple and solid, that they contrast their own functionality and ergonomics to exemplify the elegance of the brand. The Bushwick duo Colleen and Eric create handcrafted pieces that perfectly fit into the playful lifestyle of the up and coming young eccentric of Brooklyn. Imagine the asymmetrical silhouette of a wooden spiraling light fixture accenting both the vintage and contemporary aspects of your pad. The designs are sure to read wise, yet spirited at heart – characteristics which are sure to set the tone for casual confidence on any date.

2. Furnish Green: Furniture Store


Courtesy of Furnish Green

Remember the cozy coffee shop from Friends, Central Perk? Imagine a vintage furniture shop that would help you recreate the comfort of that defining social spot of New York’s most memorable television show. With all the amber colored wooden accents and rustic images that would be perfectly set in front of a brownstone wall – Furnish Green is for the steadfast New Yorkers. The decor of this home would not only act as the perfect conversion cue, but also could help to create a bonding moment between two true NYC aficionados on an Ohlala date.

3. Lindsey Adelman: Lighting Design


Courtesy of Photographer Lauren Coleman and Lindsey Adelman Studio

Fairytale meets Mucha in the light fixtures designed by Lindsey Adelman. With multiple glass or metallic elements jutting out of each, the designer plays with organic and scientific modes of visualization. These lights would be best suited to an inhabitant who has a tasteful and playful imagination – a grownup Peter or Wendy. All it would take is one lamp sprouting or hanging from the ceiling to act as inception point for adventure on your Ohlala date.

4. Jensen Lewis Furniture



Dark chocolate wood, topped with a petite black canvas seat, Jensen Lewis offers the refined version of 1960’s furniture design without those over-imaginative garish finishing touches. The store has a wide selection of any type of furniture and uses quality methods through which to realize its vision. The impression Jensen Lewis pieces is one of strength and professionalism. It is for those who want to earn the trust of their date and show them that they firmly know where they are going in life. Even if it doesn’t inspire your Ohlala date, it will at least empower you to take the lead.

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