Cooking for your date tonight? We’ve got the perfect date recipes for that.

Tonight you could be catching up on work so that you can head home early tomorrow, or if you’re the adventurous type, you might even be planning on catching an art gallery opening in Soho. Nope, the latest episodes of Blacklist, Bones and good old Grey’s Anatomy have teamed up with your couch and are casting a spell on you, prohibiting you from leaving your apartment. Not to fear! Ohlala has the perfect stay in date recipes for you to woo your companion, never mind the neighborhood you’re being held captive in – just don’t let your date know that it’s all against your will.

cooking date.jpeg

1. Brooklyn: Vegan Focaccia with Roast Tomatoes and Onions

Make sure you’ve got 5 simple and essential ingredients – roma tomatoes, onions, rosemary, olive oil, and homemade dough. All together this light and fluffy Italian inspired delight will take you two hours to prepare, so you might want to let your date lend a hand. First you need to create your base, the dough, and let it rise for about one hour – this would be a good opportunity to spark up a culinary conversation with your Ohlala date. Then place the mixture in a lightly oiled pan, poke holes in it, and pour a bit more oil on top. Leave it for twenty minutes and return to finish it off with your sliced vegetable, and an additional cover of olive oil before letting it all bake for another 20 minutes. Serve with a sense of sophistication and wine, then enjoy this veganized Mediterranean classic.

2. Manhattan: The All-American Classic Steak

Like most of the things in your fast-paced world, this steak is ready before you are – forty minutes in total. Not bad, but first you’re going to have to start out with a large strip of New York steak more tender than you, as well as black pepper, wine, butter, and sliced shallots. First, skim that fat right off your juicy meat – nobody’s got the taste for that. Then season your filet and let it simmer on a bed of oil for five minutes as it softly browns. When you flip the steak, add the shallots and when its done take out the steak, pop in the wine, let it thicken, and voila! Go for culinary gold with a side of mashed potatoes, asparagus and light sarcasm.

3. Queens: Ramen Burger

Rest assured that this is a foolproof recipe for cheap and easy fusion cuisine – basically your microwave could do all the work for you, though that idea likely wouldn’t send as many proverbial sparks flying as if you did it by hand. All you’ll need is ground beef, cheddar cheese, two eighty-cent packets of ramen, eggs, sliced vegetables and teriyaki sauce. First boil and strain the ramen, then mix with eggs and in a circular shape fry them on a pan. Cook your beef patties before the pan even cools and squeeze them between your two noodle buns alongside veggies and the sauce – don’t forget to sauté it all in irony – to prep for turning on a re-run of Parks and Rec.


4. Bronx: Chicken Enchilada Empanadas

Served as a sensual full-sized meal or sofa-safe snack, these little Latin American savory pastries are the best solution if you don’t quite yet have a fix on what you want to do with your evening. Make sure to have puff pastry sheets, enchilada sauce, shredded chicken, grated cheese and eggs mixed in water by hand. Before you pop the puff pastry in the oven,  blend together your chicken with the sauce and place it in the center of the 15 discs of dough. Lightly spread some of the egg mixture over the dough before folding it. Remember to poke holes at the top to allow moisture to escape during baking. Dip the piping hot pastry pockets into a refreshing mix of green onions, sour cream and cilantro. Keep the heat flowing between you and your date by ending the night off with either a jazz, samba, bolero or even celtic musical note.

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