Sex among women



Two sensual bodies vibrate in sync, two loving goddesses, as if made for each other. They know exactly what feels good, what the other likes and easily fall into this union of thousands of orgasms. It’s not just my own cerebral cinema, it’s the truth when women sleep together.


Women take their time because women know they need more time. They love sincerely, every single part of their body is touched, kissed, licked, massaged. Women react more emotionally, they are more emphatic, more understanding and open to their partner’s sexual desires. When women have sex with each other, it is always remembered, an experience I think everyone should have at least once in their lives, you don’t need to be lesbian. Because only another woman knows the female body as well as you do and knows what it takes to celebrate ecstatic pleasures to exhaustion. Once you’ve got a taste for it, you may only want feminine company in bed in the future. Here are a few backgrounds and interesting facts on the subject of »sex among women«.


Love of women and its origin

With the Greek poet Sappho we go back to antiquity and follow the traces of lesbian love. Sappho is considered the greatest poet of her time. She taught young women art, poetry, philosophy, music and of course the arts of love. The assumption is obvious that Sappho could pursue her lesbian inclinations through the lessons with her students. Her poems are dedicated to the love between women. By the way, these erotic stories originated on the island of Lesbos, the word creation for the term homosexual women found its origin.


Women buy sex

Whoever thought that only men pay for sex was wrong. In fact, more and more women are using the services of sex workers. It’s about getting intimate with a woman, but also about coping with stress and letting go. There are women who are so stressed by everyday life and work that they feel that they can hardly concentrate on their sexuality. For this they are looking for someone to whom they can confide, someone to whom they can give themselves completely unrestrainedly. The Berlin physiotherapist, feminist and sex worker Kristina Marlen is the right address. She works mainly as a tantric dominatrix. Kristina is committed to an emancipatory practice in sex work – both at the individual workplace and in the media presentation of the profession.

»Women don’t come because they have a deficit. The fact that they give me money means self-affirmation to me. Women want to experience something, they want to learn and feel a certain desire. Men too, by the way. That they respect me as a sex worker, trust me and pay me enhances their experience with me. Sex work can be a place for a sexual emancipatory practice. For sex workers. For customers. Unbelievable. But true.« -Kristina Marlen-


Women love differently

Women are more gentle and are particularly sensitive to a same-sex partner. While they define themselves with men more in a kind of debt of delivery that gives them a constant feeling of wanting to do everything the right way, they can let themselves go more easily in the presence of a woman. Questions like, do I impress, do I do that well, how do I look like, no longer exist. All the stress of female performance is eliminated in interaction with another woman. They’re more likely to achieve an orgasm in a lesbian relationship rather than in a partnership with a man. Statistically, 32% more women come to climax in equal love constellations.

Whether cunnilingus, finger massage, stroking, tickling, pampering, toys or BDSM, role playing, anal sex, everything is possible and brings variety into the love life between women. Of course, as always, openness and communication play an important role. Since female beings react particularly sensitive and interpret the moods of their counterparts more quickly and better, it can be assumed that it is easier for them to express certain desires out loud in order to show their partner what excites them exceptionally.

By the way: In ancient Greece lesbian love was called »Tribadie«, which translated means »rubbing«. In German and English »Tribadie« or »Tribadism« still refers to a lesbian sex technique in which both women rub their sexual organs against each other and thus achieve clitoral orgasm without penetration.


You like a goddess
and in your song most of all she rejoiced.

But now she is conspicuous among Lydian women as sometimes at sunset
the rosyfingered moon

surpasses all the stars. And her light stretches over salt sea equally and flowerdeep fields.

And the beautiful dew is poured out and roses bloom and frail chervil and flowering sweetclover.

But she goes back and forth remembering gentle Atthis and in longing
she bites her tender mind

-Sappho / If not, Winter –