Three years Leila and Thomas are already a couple and it couldn’t be better. They got to know each other and immediately noticed a deeper connection. It wasn’t love at first sight, but a wonderful encounter, a kind of soul mate. And indeed, since then they have been inseparable, whether in groups or alone. Leila found her partner in crime. With him she can pull a heist, nobody understands her as well as Thomas. She is happy and loses herself in his arms. They lie in his bed and philosophize about new exciting adventures, a trip to Jordan is imminent and Leila’s cravings for a certain woman are growing. They haven’t moved in together in three years. They like the freedom and the variety between the two living spaces. Thomas senses the unceasing desire of his partner, often she has revealed herself. When she was drunk at parties, she flirted uninhibitedly with women.

The last memory he has of Maya, a beautiful Greek woman, who obviously had her eyes on his girlfriend. Like a panther, she moved slowly and purposefully towards Leila. Her hunting instinct was awakened and everyone could observe this phenomenon. Everywhere Maya appears, they look, she attracts attention with her size and her stylish attitude. A noble creature that is certain of this attention to its charisma. Leila and Maya kissed that night, they were like intertwined. It seemed as if there were only these two and no one else. Thomas liked the sight, but a certain insecurity became apparent, an insecurity he did not yet know.


While Leila lies on his hairy chest and her red curls cover half his face, she dreams of her last encounter with Maya. She met Maya in this bar and somehow she can’t think of anything else since then. She remembers how Maya approached her, this proud approach, how she smiled and whispered something in her ear. She remembers blushing and not being able to escape this aura. She shares these thoughts with Thomas. She tells him what she wants. When she thinks of Maya, she wants to kiss her sensual lips, stroke her breasts, explore her body, sleep with her. Thomas likes this idea, but he also has concerns about whether he might one day lose Leila to another woman, to a woman like Maya.

His girlfriend is so different from the women he usually knows and the partners he had before. Leila needs a lot of attention, she is very sexual, seductive and always ready. In the three years of their love affair they have already tried a lot. They’ve been to sex parties, porn movies, experimenting with toys. Once Leila even put on a strap-on and satisfied Thomas. When she entered him in the missionary position, he could clearly interpret her facial expression. He was sure she was a lesbian at the time. The way she rode him and enjoyed dominating him turned her on incredibly, he let it happen. There are no »no go’s« in their sex life, they move at eye level, they can easily change roles. This wonderful way they love each other, how they fuck, is understood above all through respect and trust!


After they slept together twice and Leila is still on his sweaty chest, Thomas asks her if she wants to meet Maya. She caresses his dark hair around his nipples with her fingertips and looks up at him. »Are you sure?«, she asks him with a hopeful look. He looks up at the ceiling. He feels that he is not sure of himself, there they are again, these doubts that he associates with this woman and the thought of it, but he wants to fulfill her this wish. »You should meet her and see what happens.«, he adds. Leila climbs Thomas with a broad grin, she kisses him passionately and again they love each other on this mild summer day.


The next morning Leila sits at the breakfast table with Thomas while he prepares coffee. She’s writing Maya a message. »Maya, I’d like to see you again.« It won’t take long and her cell phone is vibrating. Maya replied and is looking forward to meeting Leila. Leila jumps through the kitchen, she still has nothing on and Thomas is overwhelmed with that strange feeling again. She hastily drinks her coffee, sits down on Thomas’ lap and both look deep into each other’s eyes. He puts his head on her soft breasts and holds her tight. She kisses his forehead, jumps into the shower and prepares for the meeting with Maya. Leila and Maya have arranged brunch in Kreuzberg. Skeptical thoughts spread in Thomas’ mind and he feels an inner restlessness as he observes his girlfriend getting ready, putting on her lips and putting on her favorite dress. In the mirror she looks at him and gives him confident looks. She loves Thomas, there’s no question about it. As she happily leaves Thomas’ apartment, he watches her. He goes to the window and sees Leila crossing the street. A strong impulse does not let him go, he must follow her.


In the »Bateau Ivre« the two women have arranged to meet. Thomas is shadowing them from the next street corner. He sees them sitting across from each other and communicating very closely. They sit outside and enjoy the nice weather. Maya dressed up just like Leila. She wears a dark blue suit, her long, blond hair covers her back. And again he perceives this strong sexual aura, Maya flirts almost aggressively with his girlfriend. He can see how she makes her hands disappear under Leila’s dress, how they look at each other, so sensual, so familiar. Maya caresses the inner thighs of Leila. Leila spreads her legs a little further. He sees Leila’s face change, she seems almost innocent, like a little girl being seduced right now. Thomas feels the excitement through his pants as he watches the two women like this. It makes him incredibly keen to see how Maya seduces his girlfriend and how she gets involved. All his uncertainties disappear for this moment, in his mind he imagines how the two go to Leila’s apartment and jump on each other.

He knows Leila’s apartment well. In his imagination they hectically open the door to her flat, kissing, intertwined, nothing could stop them, they want to eat each other. An animalistic image gushes through his senses. They tear their clothes off, caress their sweating bodies, not forgetting a single spot. He sees Maya putting on the strap-on and how she satisfies Leila with it, the same strap-on that Leila has already used on him.


Thomas is so turned on by this idea that he cannot help himself and continues to pursue the two women in reality. Maya and Leila go hand in hand to Leila’s apartment, he waits a moment, he stands in front of the door and can hear a few noises, lustful noises, loud moans flood the stairs of the old building. All the fantasies about his girlfriend and what this other woman is doing to her right now put him in an ecstatic mood. He is only one step away from knocking and interfering, but his thoughts are getting louder and louder. He sees two naked women’s bodies fucking each other, who love each other, just as he always does with Leila, respectful and trusting. Thomas opens his pants and jerks off in front of the door, while the voice of his aroused girlfriend makes him feel like a part of it. He moans softly and presses his head against the frame of the front door. Suddenly Leila opens the door. She sees her boyfriend with open fly and sperm running over his fingers. She puts his hand in his mouth and licks his sticky fingers. Thomas stands there like frozen. The naked Leila smiles at him and pulls him into her apartment.