The sound of the nymph



She’s in her mid-thirties when the world changed in front of her eyes. As always, Vera entered her therapist’s practice with ease and curiosity. And yet she felt different after each meeting when she left it again. Various emotions suddenly appeared, sometimes she was afraid, but mostly she was brave enough to face those fears with awe. The relationship with her therapist manifested itself as a kind of friendship. She no longer felt the need for his help, any more than he saw the need to continue to support her. Her conversations changed direction; he removed the drama, the suffering part of her past and left the decision to her to come to the regular sessions. Vera understood this invitation as an important basis to look deeper into her inner self and to reflect on her heightened sexuality. Before entering the practice for the first time, she had not known that this would be perceived differently until the therapist reconstructed the extent of her deep-seated attachment anxiety. »Nymphomania« was his diagnosis, in which sexuality becomes an addiction and serves as a substitute satisfaction for real love.


Vera is in tune with herself and her environment. Finally, she has found a way to control her sexuality without constantly changing partners by masturbating every single morning. Before the actual day begins, she takes a shower and satisfies herself with her favorite vibrator. She massages her clitoris on highest level, while the warm water caresses her tender skin. Comfort is something Vera likes to dream of, but at the same time it torments her with a lot of insecurities. She has no expectations of love; rather, she wants to be touched without fear of admitting it. Vera thinks of her last encounter with a man who touched her with the utmost ease and looked through her like a soulmate who appears out of nowhere and cuts the membrane of every single cell with a knife.

Like every Sunday, she visited the aquarium to observe the fishes. An additional therapy that always reminded Vera of another world, a world to which she would like to have access to. For hours she sat on the bench in front of the basin of jellyfish and looked at the gentle movements that reminded her of a choreography, a dance of calm and balance. The man sat down with her and stroked her hand. She flinched. For many months she had renounced intimacy with other people in order to be closer to herself. She missed it. This touch and the look into the eyes of a stranger captivated her. He said nothing and held her hand as if it were the most natural thing between the borders of two souls and endless weightlessness. They sat silently in front of the jellyfish basin and felt understood. From time to time Vera looked at the man’s face how his pupils followed the movements of the water and how his mouth formed a little smile. She was sure she had studied this face before, without a doubt. Yet she couldn’t tell. It was a strange intimacy she had already encountered, perhaps on another day or in another universe. His conscious attitude towards this moment, the respect he showed when looking at the small creatures, all the details of how he kissed her hand and how he looked into her eyes afterwards; this beauty, let her fears fade away in the darkness of emanation.


In the shower Vera feels her thoughts revolve around this experience and how concurrently another hand takes possession of her vibrator. She looks between her thighs and the fingers gently massaging her clitoris. She notices how the stage of the vibrator changes. Quietly and with a delicate buzz, the red head of the »Rabbit« now moves through her legs before entering her vagina. Vera moans with pleasure of the sight of her favourite toy interacting with the hands who know exactly how to move. In the rhythm of the water and the greed to see more, Vera meanders her way forward until her hands touch the ground. With her eyes wide open, she stares at the shaft, which slowly disappears and reappears into her, watching the clitoris stimulator circling around her clit. Only on tiptoes and with her bottom in the air she balances on her fingertips. She wants to hold on every moment and see how her vibrator, controlled by other hands, glides easily through her labia and how the shaft shapes her vagina with circular movements.

One hand plays with the vibrator and around her sex, while the other grabs her pelvis and strongly drills through the flesh of her skin. Vera moans in different tones in the glass shower cabin and creates a carpet of sounds from deep, medium and very high sighs which disappears like an echo in the fog of humidity. She senses how individual fingers explore all her openings and how the tremor around her clitoris changes dynamics. She sees how individual jets of water make their way across her long legs down to her feet, how the hands move up and down between her thighs, and how the fingers change rhythm. With fast and hard movements they spear through her vagina and at the same time through her anus. The vibrator falls to the floor and wobbles almost choreographically to the vibration that comes along with multiple orgasms. Vera loose herself with devotion and climaxes at regular short intervals as the fingers penetrate her openings and take possession of her sex. Sounds of lust and comfort merge in stereo and unite with Vera’s thoughts on a special day, the day she met love.