Unfaithful – under the sign of love


»Louise, do you actually believe in love?«,»Louise?«

I thought this was a dream, but then I realized that I fell asleep for a moment and someone was constantly whispering this question into my ear. I need to pull myself together. Where am I? And why did I fall asleep? I’m starting to feel better. I’m with Tom, somewhere in Spandau and I’ve had too much whiskey. Usually i don’t even like whiskey but during that time i was obsessed with this series »Californication« and i was to play the role of the sex hungry and utterly attractive »Hank Moody« that night. Tom had an »Irish« on hand and I must have had a few glasses too many. Just wake up and get this question out of your head. I’m trying to get up. Tom had covered me up to my head and put his arm lovingly around my shoulder. He was ready to spend the night with me, I felt it at that moment.

I had to get out of this situation, I never spend the night on a date and in general I’m not a big fan of it. So I get dressed in a hurry and get my clothes together. »Want to go?«, said Tom. »Yes, can you drive me?«, I added. After all, we were at the end of Berlin, an extreme distance that I don’t normally consider for an appointment, but Tom was very persistent in our chat and he convinced me of himself.


Discontented, he puts on his jeans and reaches for the wrinkled shirt on the armchair. He grabs the car keys from the desk, on which the remains of half empty glasses and tobacco are still lying around. We’re leaving the apartment.



Well, let’s get to the beginning of this story.

Tom was one of the men with whom a chat leads directly to success and you don’t have to do much. He absolutely wanted a date that night and was even willing to take the way from Spandau to Friedrichshain, pick me up by car and bring me back home. In the chat, he revealed that he had a girlfriend with the hope that this would not be a problem for me. I said no. He said he also had a surprise for me and that it would certainly be a date which I have never experienced before, he should be right.

I took the train and we met for a drink at Kudamm. I liked him immediately. Big, mid-30s, handsome and very busy, like most Ohlala users. He told me about his girlfriend and how his feeling of affection would never change, but he still feels certain desires. Desires he cannot live out. They have followed the path of friendship after a relationship of five years. Sexuality still plays a role, but not in the context they were used to. So he was looking for little adventure that would lead to a certain fulfillment. Tom wanted an date where he went to a department store to buy lingerie with the chosen woman. Well, our date was very spontaneous and frankly, I didn’t want to go shopping for lingerie, especially not in a huge shopping mall like the »Alexa«. I avoid such places as much as possible. So it didn’t happen. He also told me about the fantasy of getting to know a second woman in this shopping center. A woman who is enthusiastic about buying lingerie with us. I was happy to be spared this part again.

After we had drunk up, we took his car on our way to Spandau. He lived there in such a typical terraced house, but only for professional reasons, because otherwise he actually lives in Rostock together with his girlfriend. The company put this apartment at his disposal. First we sat on the balcony and I already drank my second glass of »Tullamore«. It was a bitter taste on this wonderful summer evening. I heard birds chirping again for a long time and listened happily to nature.


Tom sat down next to me and didn’t drink a drop of alcohol all night long by the way. He took my hand like in a corny romance and now I thought: Usually, that doesn’t mean anything good; an announcement, a revelation, a surprise? Tom looked me right in the eye, »You know, I told you about my girlfriend and the little surprise.» »Yes…«, I replied hesitantly but nevertheless very decisively, because I finally wanted to know what this is all about, conscious about being far removed from my local neighbourhood

He asked me to come with him. We went back to his living room, which was very minimalist. There was only one desk, a kind of sofa bed that was already upholstered and an English armchair that I liked very much. I looked at the sofa bed and already felt the whiskey in my blood. I was in a good mood and wanted to get more physical with Tom. He went into another room and came back with a trapezoidal cushion. This structure looked like a large solid foam saddle. I saw him, I saw this cushion and I said, »Okay, so what’s happening now?« I remember that the whole story, the secrecy up to the very end and his childish way of dealing with it attracted me, but at the same time I found it amusing, but in a good way. There is nothing better than men who don’t take themselves so seriously, men who make me laugh.

Tom euphorically threw the cushion onto the sofa bed and covered it with a very cuddly blanket, it felt like microfibre. »This is my invention!«, he proudly presented it with a facial expression that spoke volumes. It got serious, I felt it, but I still didn’t know what it was all about. Tom explained to me that for years he had been working on this idea of having an adventure without cheating on his girlfriend. For him, cheating started with direct sexual intercourse, the actual act. This cushion was his innovation.

The highlight of this special mattress was that he wouldn’t penetrate me during the love play, but would only feel the friction between me and the blanket, up to ecstasy. For him this was the climax and he came several times. Tom was sure not to hurt his girlfriend with this invention. It would stay that way: He is a faithful man, because sex takes place exclusively between the two of them. The foundation of this love was unshakable. Tom had created something that deals with the fling in a very untraditional form so he could look into his girlfriend’s eyes every day with a clear conscience.

I just laid on this cuddly pad solely dressed with a bra in doggy style and let myself ride without feeling him in me. I felt the intense movements, his hands around my hips, but most of all I felt the whiskey that was spreading more and more in my body and I knew it was too much.

Black out, all dark, a gentle shake on my arm!

»Louise, do you actually believe in love?«