The art of erotic photography



In order to master the artful staging of naked bodies, which above all follows a certain aesthetic without moving in a cheap direction, one should deal with the topic a little bit. With a professional camera or even a mobile phone, at least everyone is able to take aesthetic pictures of themselves and their partners. I dedicated myself to this particular subject a while ago. My natural instinct followed the need to portray sensual photographs of different people, a masturbation scene as well as couples having sex. These works are intended to stimulate reflection, the body serves as an instrument to convey feelings. Especially in today’s time, when various platforms still forbid women to present themselves in all their sensuality and oblige women to censor nipples and pubic hairs that describe the act as vulgar, there are protests from different sides, of course also from mine.

Only by communicating openly about the topic of sexuality, the typical pigeonhole thinking can be transformed into something that is self-evident in the long term. At last, we all want to express ourselves in some way, feel free, see our body as something special, a masterpiece, no matter in which form and size. For example, many women process their insecurities with self-portraits in order to gain recognition and express their creativity.

And that brings me straight to the first point. We say goodbye to fake Photoshop models, which the advertising suggests to us every day, we want naturalness: Women should be women without falling into an anorexia. This is an appeal to self- confidence, which can be further strengthened by self-portraits.

Your own body is a gift. Treat him well and you will see that it is the diversity between people, their physical nature that makes sense.

1. Sensual versus skinny look

When I take pictures, I want to show different facets. There’s nothing worse than just looking at one subject and following some trends.

Yes, of course, slender is beautiful, but what has become of the beauty ideal of the divine Reuben women of that time? With wide hips, round breasts and a magnificent butt, they knew exactly what to do with these decisive stimuli to make men lose their mind. All the historical paintings and sculptures were marked by seductive femininity. It can’t be that everyone wants to see only XS sizes. Both are interesting, but rounded curves that radiate feminine power should not be missing in photography.

Especially if I don’t feel 100% comfortable in my own body, because it may not correspond to the usual ideal of beauty in some places, it is worthwhile to reflect on oneself and experiment with the camera. That’s how I discover the really beautiful facets I didn’t believe in. Namely those who do not follow an average scheme.

A picture tells a story and I know how to tell it.


2. Pictures with the partner

Almost every couple wants to have erotic pictures of themselves, however, taking pictures during sexual intercourse exceeds a new limit. When I started the project,where I wanted to photograph couples in this exact same way, there was little feedback, so I was all the more happy about those who agreed to do so. With a lot of trust and respect we created something unique. Of course, it’s easier to take the photos as an observer while the couples concentrate on each other, but you can also work with your partner to take tasteful pictures that are stylish and attractive.


It is especially important to focus on the essentials when taking pictures. Pick out the small details that are interesting, detail pictures always tend to look more exciting. Pornographic shots are easy, just spread your legs and off you go. But I want to avoid this banality and show that less is more and increases the attraction by a thousand times. For example, exposure can be much more interesting than a simple nude picture. Staging is the be-all and end-all of photography. But this can also be easily illustrated by first of all taking my time during sex – watching the interplay very closely and secondly by finding the right moment.

Bring the camera to bed and try it out. Especially if it is a mobile phone camera, unpopular pictures can be deleted afterwards. The whole life is an experiment, in general there is no such thing as right or wrong, it is important to have the courage to communicate, then such an experience can arouse inspiring feelings. And most importantly, always focus on subtleties: A hand that touches my thigh, my partner’s mouth in ecstasy or his/her head between my legs, these are just a few details that make an aesthetic photo.

3. Self-portraits

To create self-portraits requires above all one thing – time. Sometimes I also experiment in this direction and know the hard work behind it. Many pictures end up in trash, some frustrate because I perceived myself differently and some of them are extraordinarily attractive. There are many things to watch out for at the same time: body tension, the right facial expression and atmosphere. When I work with a real camera, I have 10 seconds to put myself in the limelight, that’s a real challenge. The viewer does not see this effort and that is the art behind it. I think about a motive, what I want to depict and jump into the picture without appearing exhausted.


Erotic photography thrives above all on the hiddenness in disguise. Hence: a little blurring, details and action shots take the viewer into another world. In the end, a photo that stimulates reflection is what everyone wants to see. Essentially like a story that leaves an open end, there is nothing more exciting than surrendering to your own imagination to tell this story to the end. And every body, every face, every bump, every scar has its own story to tell and is just beautiful.