Dear Ladies,

You apply for a date and you are waiting for the Ohlala-chat to open, knowing that you would be the perfect macht? We suppose, you know exactly how that feels.

We have some good news for you: The wait is finally over! Be the master of your own date and increase your chances for an exciting Ohlala-date. From now on, you can unlock the chats too and initate a conversation.

This it how it works: In the chat overview there is a new button: “Open chat” to initate the chat. Introduce yourself from  now on with a catchy line and tell him why you are exactly the right one for the date.

How much does the new premium feature cost? Depending on how long he is looking for a date in advance, you pay for the duration of the chat. If he is looking for example 24 hours ahead, you pay 24 Coins for the chat.

Depening on how intensily you want to use Ohlala, you can buy different sizes of Coin packages. To test the new feature, we give you 30 Coins for free.

If you don’t like it, you can continue using Ohlala for free and apply for dates.

Also, we have worked on the desktop design. We hope you like it.

Ladies & Gentlemen,

With Coins you will pay for certain features on Ohlala. But be aware: you only pay for services, that you really use – without any subscription. The Coins are not dependent on time and will not expire. You can buy different packages, depending on how intense you want to use Ohlala.

Of course, if no one replies in the chat, we will refund the Coins automatically to your account. Be aware, once the chat is over, the connection is being deleted.

We hope you like the new changes on Ohlala. As usual, we hope to be receiving feedback from you in order to continously improve Ohlala.

Happy Paid Dating,