Experience yourself



Devotion is the mystery of wisdom, for devotion is the mystery of love – and love is the only valuable knowledge. -Osho-


Today I would like to draw attention to a very special art of love with this article. Even though Tantra refers to several levels, I explicitly take time to discuss this issue from a sexual point of view. Tantra is a path of self-experience and self-awareness. A way to more sensuality, liveliness and meaning in life. Tantra is a term originating from Sanskrit, the oldest language spoken in India, which translates to »fabric« or »texture«. With Tantra we develop our sexual potential and expand our consciousness. It’s about taking time to look at yourself, whether alone or with your partner. The perception of my own and the partner’s body, the celebration of touches over several hours as a meditative structure. A foreplay that doesn’t necessarily have to be extended until the climax in the form of an orgasm. Let’s dive into the world of Tantra.


The awareness training:

Before entering into the meditative sessions of Tantra, it is worthwhile to do a awareness training beforehand. During this training you learn to perceive yourself, through individual touches you direct your consciousness to the center. As a result, the partner’s touch is also perceived more intensively. With the help of a trained teacher in a Tantra Institute you will be instructed in a targeted way and you can practice these exercises at home.


Tantra massage:

A Tantra massage is all about bringing body, mind and soul together. By delaying orgasms, we expand our consciousness and focus on the essentials. This way, certain touches are perceived much more strongly and can lead to individual ecstasy. In the targeted massage we distinguish between the lingam massage, in which the penis is massaged, and the yoni massage, in which the vagina is at the centre of attention.


Lingam massage:

In a lingam massage, the testicles and penis are stimulated alternately. By soft but dynamic touches the man is aroused, but the orgasm is delayed. Shortly before an orgasm begins, the massage is interrupted. This special mixture of stimulation and letting go is something you have to learn first of all and above all, you have to be willing to accept. When this technique is practiced again and again, future sex can be experienced for hours. The contents of the lingam massage are to adjust stimuli and the stimulation, to start over and over again from scratch.


Yoni massage:

In the yoni massage, the female sex organs are massaged from the outside to the inside. The labia, thighs and clitoris are massaged in circular and tumbling movements. The focus is on sensual relaxation, an orgasm can occur, but just as with the Lingam massage, it is not required, but at most a pleasant side effect until the end. The woman is supposed to let herself fall, learn to open up and allow touch. In Tantra, the yoni massage is considered a healing and antispasmodic ritual for women.


Practice Tantra at home:

If you have already visited a Tantra Institute on your own or with your partner, some techniques can be applied at home. At first I would recommend to visit a professional Tantra institute like the Diamond Lotus in Berlin. To make yourself comfortable in your own four walls with your partner without drifting too much into spiritual spheres, a few small aids are enough. You can quickly create a special atmosphere with candles, quiet music and incense sticks. A shared bath prepares you for a few sensual hours. Whatever you do – take your time. Switch your phone off, perceive yourself, look into your eyes for several minutes, touch each other and get to know your partner up close.

I personally believe that for many people, Tantra would be a positive extension of their being, just like yoga. Often we rush through the streets stressed out, on the way from one appointment to the next, the real communication gets lost more and more. Why not just sit back and focus on yourself without losing sight of your partner: Feel him, listen to him, touch him. How do you want to be touched and who do you want to touch? There are many questions that most people don’t deal with at all, which means that things are no longer addressed properly, relationships disperse or don’t arise at all. Once you have internalized the realization that everything, that everyone is connected to each other, you may become aware of a certain responsibility. A responsibility that presupposes respect for my fellow human beings. Tantra not only unites body, mind and soul, but also strengthens my perception within this world.